February 25th, 2003

Shabu Dog

stupid art...

i have so many ideas for finished pieces in my head but not enough inspiration to go at them. i have no inspiration to finish my remaining 3 commissions at this moment..and thats a VERY BAD thing. bad bad bad.

i also want to be able to put some stuff in the art show at AC, but..so far have nothing. i cant find Peace In The Desert and declare it legally dead.

*sigh* im wondering if i should just take a break from art altogether for a little bit to get myself back on track. *kicks the ground*
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Shabu Dog


dont you hate it when youre so hungry you feel like youre gonna puke but when you eat something you feel like youre gonna puke cuz you ate? i hate those damned if you do damned if you dont situations..


on a lighter note..my wuffy boy just keeps on woofin! he woofs and he woofs and he woofs.

oh and someone explain to me...there is no difference between a mountain lion and a flordia panther right? cuz i saw this wildlife callendar that had 2 different images of what i thought were mountain lions but one was a mountain lion and one was a florida panther. =P why does that animal have SO many names?
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