February 27th, 2003

Shabu Dog

Clerks goodness

I was bored one night and decided to re-clerksify myself like i did in this picture..http://vcl.ctrl-c.liu.se/vcl/Artists/Thornwolf/remy_nicole.jpg
only a LOT more updated.

and so..i give you...Nicole, Clerksified!


notice the text? yeah..true to life like the Clerks logo...but a pain in the ASS! but i like it =) Travis helped me a bunch with the fine tuning *hugs her Kura-wuff*

if anyone can figure out a way to make this into a clear LJ icon for me it would be MUCH MUCH MUCH appreciated =)

enjoy =)
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Shabu Dog

and so, a year has gone by

yep yep everyone...today is my one year anniversary with Tavis =) *yips and mrrs*

i love him *lick lick lick* id say our relationship has grown stronger by the day and i have enjoyed him every minute of it.

heres for more to come *downs some sprite*

were such slackers though, we both still havent sent our presents =P ill get on it i swear! *rolls eyes*

its been kinda uneventful...i mean.we tell each other we love each other every day and get all cute and gooey...so what would be different other than seeing him face to face? *which would be nice but its not a possibility.* *sighs*

ah well. at least he knows i luv him =)
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Shabu Dog


heres a recap of today:

-woke up thinking my dream about skydiving and landing in the dirty icky water between staten island and manhatten was true...ultimate..nightmare(yes i had one of those early morning brain farts from dreams past)
-went to school, realized i totally didnt read the chapters i was supposed to for english.
-everyone was quiet and reading so of COURSE my stomach had to start growling like a rabid wolverine..totally embarrassing me. i went out and got a twix bar and came back into class and munched
-shivered at break..(cold and rainy)
-did another spreadsheet and took a test in computer applications *snooze* meanwhile listening to the useless stories of the people sitting in my row.
-it was POURING on my way down to to the student parking lot so naturally i got completely drenched..and a car splashed water on me..*sighs*
-went home, changed, talked to tavy wavy (our anniversary)
-Travis and i ordered lunch from Off The Grill (i work there now, might as well test out the food..and it is DAMN GOOD)
-we watched the original jungle book, meanwhile mocking the sequel
-colored my clerks pic
-talked to tavis about my site
-worked on site graphics
-fixed masamunes LJ icon
-now im sitting here typing this bored outta my mind.

i think i just LOOK for things to do now. pathetic i am.
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