February 28th, 2003

Shabu Dog

Fan art

not for you..for my animation teacher..thpt! =D

disclaimer: the fact that the cross is upside down does not reflect my own personal beliefs. you know im a christian..but im also a stickler when it comes to sticking to character design..so there.

this is my animation teacher, Mez's, superhero sidekick character Goth Girl. she is the spell casting goth wiccan sidekick of Sister Witch, a team of 2 superheroes, one is a nun, and one is a witch. the other sidekick is Altar Boy whos defense is noxious incense and a pointy staff of religious justice. he wears a robe, fatigues and combat boots.

who they fight: they fight televangelists and religious tyrants as well as those who are not open minded. their main badguy is a televangelist with hypnotic spirals for eyes who steals your soul and his wife *who cries all the time and has running mascara* shoots blinding gobs of mascara from her eyes. she also has like..tons of diamonds all over her...mmmm now thats good satire!

so yeah..i quite like it =)
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Shabu Dog

stole this from EVERYBODY! =D

I am not: Tall, mean spirited
I love: Drawing, My wuffer boy, my fam and friends, animals
I hate: no one really
I fear: Ghosts/supernatural beings, violence, dying young and slowly and painfully
I hope: my parents raise some college money for me
I hear: the clacking of the computer keys
I crave: brownies
I regret: dating the gregs
I cry: when im angry/frustrated/threatened
I care: but i dont always seem like it
I always: am sleepy =)
I believe: im here for a purpose
I feel alone: All the time, but i like it most of the time
I listen: to other peoples probs
I hide: under my covers in the dark
I drive: my friends around town all the time
I sing: in the shower
I dance: when im alone and feeling stupid
I write: in my journal WAY too much
I play: with random objects while talking ont he phone
I miss: my mate
I search: for that horrible smell thats coming from outside
I learn: photoshop skills from the books daddy got me *SEE! I USE THEM I SWEAR!*
I feel: itchy..ALL..THE TIME
I know: something you dont know
I say: whatevers on my mind, be it random or not
I succeed: when i maintain focus
I dream: of scary things...nightmares and death and falling all the time.
I wonder: how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop
I want: to be financially secure
I have: people who love me, talent that keeps improving, and many blessings
I give: and give and give and this is the thanks i get? *wearing curlers for effect*
I fell: in love with a male version of myself. hows that for narcissism?
I fight: not enough. dammit..i have so much pent up energy i wanna get it out in fist fight form =D *is too confrontational*
I need: a snuggle buddy *sighs* *hugs her Jack Skellington doll*
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Shabu Dog

well i did it

i applied to yerf. i figured..what the hell? i was gonna wait 6 months to apply anyways..why not give it a test shot while i have some stuff?
pics i used:

and this which none of you have seen *well..the final version at least*

very simple drawings.

reasons i dont think ill get in:
poor composition
not enough "anthro"-ness
no backgrounds

wow. i have SUCH good self esteem =P
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