March 1st, 2003

Shabu Dog

woo hoo!

ive gotten some +1 votes from both Ocelot and Pseudo Manitou on my Yerf apps!! YAY!
i hope this trend continues...
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Shabu Dog

good night =D

went to see Chicago with Amy & Gary, Liz, Jenny and Sam
i liked it a lot! Richard Gere was really good...though in that strip scene i half expected a gerbil to fly out of his boxers... =D .......*crickets chirp..*

i just wanna say this: i love Amy and Gary. they are the sweetest couple ever! they dont make me feel awkward, they both talk to me...and they walked me to my car *hugs* thanks you guys =)
i like how Gary's not one of those "friends boyfriends who ignore me", but i consider him a good friend too =)

so ya *grin*

Tomorrow i get to pick up my prom dress and see XianJaguar! *yay*
i have no idea what were gonna do..but at least i get to visit her. we discussed the yerf stuff tonight..quite interesting. im still unclear about the grading system though..anyone wanna explain?

made some rollover buttons for my site...get this..i only have 3 buttons. Art, For Sale and Bio. figured..keep it simple for now. later ill add FAQ, Links, maybe Commissions, butthat would fall under Art i suppose...maybe make commissions a subdivision? merf.... i like my banner though *grin*
Because animals are people too


a mild rant for the evening.....(brace yourself) staying outta the drama here, ..but i will say this: i hate it how on forums or anywhere online thats public in general..someone says something stupid..flames someone...accuses someone..yadda yadda..then when the heats on, they go back and delete their post to *hide the evidence*. i think its retarded..and shows cowardice. it also makes whoever responded to that look crazy. believe me. ive had that happen before...where ill defend something *cough*thelawandcopseverywhere*cough* and then when people start agreeing, the original post is deleted, then everyone views me as crazy..and flames me. love you too you communist pigs.
you said what you said at the time and no one can change that. and if youre gonna do that..why say it in the first place? IRL, you cant take stuff back...its remembered...why should you be allowed to do it online? if i have a forum im getting rid of the edit button. poo on you.

with that just gonna remain my happy go lucky self and piss and moan on my live journal..cuz after all..THATS WHAT THEYRE FOR!!

i bid you goodnight =) *curtsey*
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