March 9th, 2003

Shabu Dog

that would suck

i just realized..i dont think id be able to survive if i was lactose intolerant. most of everything i eat has cheese or involves milk somehow. it would be like telling a japanese person they cant have rice! NO! it cant be done.

*slurps some moo juice*
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Shabu Dog

Guess whos on yerf???

i am i am!! yay!! i got the final review from Maggock and the PM from Gryllus *mrrs*
so check out the recent uploads!
oh...and if you see a couple pics down..youll notice one that looks very similar to luffwuffs..
what a nice welcome gift =P peachy. ah well im not gonna fuss.
but im so excited!!

i had a GREAT day with Westly, Cro and Kura today. we met in Laguna and basically hung out the whole time at Sammy's burger doodled. i got a pretty piccy from Westly! yay! *hugs the yenawoof* i lurve it =) i still need to scan it though..ill do that tomorrow. i doodled in his sketchy bookie too =D and Buster the doggy was there! yay!! *hugs*
thanks for coming downd and visiting us you us a ride back to my car *grins sheepishly*
you guys are fun, we MUST hang out again soon =D

anyhoo..Trav is here and were talking about scary video games =P eep!
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