March 10th, 2003

Shabu Dog

im a bad puppy

im always such a bad puppy. i got a detention for being late to school. i thought today was sunday. HA! imagine that =P
oh well.
mom and i are going out to dinner tonight for our monday night dealy. i think were gonna go see "how to lose a guy in 10 days" or something.
i want pasta..but mostly..i want a chocolate dairy queen blizzard with nerds. ive been debating for 2 hours whether i should go out and get one or not..
i might as well just directly apply it to my chewing..just go *scoop* *slap* im wearing ice cream pants! i need to lose weight for prom =P

ooh i just got a good idea for a drawing...
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Shabu Dog

good evening

i went to go see "how to lose a guy in 10 days" with mom. it was a little too cute for me, but goldie hawns daughter is a marvelous actress. it kinda made me sad though cuz the whole movie was based in NY and parts of it on staten island. *sigh* made me kinda depressed.

then mom and i went to olive garden and had a nice meal. my treat. but when it came time to give the tip i flipped out cuz numbers scare me. mom then explained the whole 15% tip thing to me. i gave her a blank stare..i got it eventually..but numbers just ARENT my friend. anyone throws numbers around i get flustered.

then i went to dairy queen for that blizzard ive been craving all day. chocolate with nerds..mmm....odd mix but very yummy. some guy came up to me and asked me what my shirt said. i said "Greg Sucks" he goes "whos greg?" i say "my ex boyfriend."
he goes "that sux"
i say.."no...actually he made it FOR me." then i got ice cream on my wallet AND my shirt and that was horribly embarrassing. =P

and apparently im a ditz.
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