March 22nd, 2003

Shabu Dog

art peeve

i really cant stand it when people ask for a critique, and they get it, but they dont change anything, they just add a background and/or color it and keep asking "how can i make this look better?"

i just wanna say to them "redraw it"

speaking of which, my craptastic Tracking sketch still needs a redline. *nudge*
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Shabu Dog

busy day and its not even 4:00 yet

here are the events for the day:

-dad woke me up at 9:00 because he feels i shouldnt sleep my day away. its the weekend, im allowed to do what i want..and i want to sleep *groan*
-took my coyote face out of the sink, rang it out and stretched it onto a board with push pins and blow dried it *wow, that must have been a sight...IM BLOWDRYING MY COYOTE FACE! dur! *
-got dressed
-went and grabbed Dad's mail from grandmas house and saw my doggy =D JESSE NOODLE!! *snugs her puppy*
- drove up to Quaid's Harley Davidson shop where dad was serving hot dogs and hamburgers to the members of the Harley club. basically its a "drive up on a Harley, get a free lunch" type of deal. very yummy! dad had a very interesting way of cooking the burgers too *he soaked grilled onions in beef broth and when the burgers were done hed drop em in the onion/beef broth to keep them moist and flavorful until served..DROOL!*
-hung out with dad for a bit and looked at some cool bikes
-went to the mall and picked up my prom dress.
-while i was in the changing room i got a call from the manager at Off The Grill. apparently they want me to work now =P *brick*
-bought my dress, headed home
-stopped at grandmas house, showed her my dress and she reimbursed me for it.
-played with Jesse
-went home and now here i am

so yeah. now i have a full tummy, a prom dress and a job! =D

oh yeah..and on a minor note..apparently Michael Jackson is a were-cat =^..^=
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Shabu Dog

Thorn are you a were or a fur?

Been getting that question a lot lately and ive been doing some thinking on the subject.
Here, ill give you a little insight:
-i draw furs AND weres. so my art classifies as "anthropomorphic art"
-i am part native american and enjoy the culture *though i do NOT agree in anyway that ALL weres should be Native American, in fact it flat out pisses me off..i just cant draw celtic stuff and do not have enough knowledge on other cultures, so thats why i lean more towards NA stuff ;) plus..its more /me/*
however i am also GERMAN and would like to start doing furs and weres with more of that cultural background. i just need to do more research.
-i act animalistic, growling, yipping, howling and murring. yet i also purr, and thats weird. but most of the time i act very canine. just ask my mate, he does the same exact thing. we look like were totally nuts when were together 0_o
-i express anger by growling and various emotions by acting like a canine, but i have done this all my life and my mom can vouch for it.its just the way i express myself. people who know me dont think anything of it, but if youre meeting me for the first time ill keep it down.
-i was made fun of in elementary school a LOT for acting the way i do, so like i said, if youre just gettig to know me IRL i most likely wont act it just to save face, but if im at a con or around other furs ill losen up after a bit and show my true colors
-i do NOT believe that i AM an animal that happens to be trapped in a human body. i just think im more in tune with primitive instincts, but those come out in animal form, which is probably why i also have such good intuition.
-i do NOT believe in P-Shifting. i think thats downright moronic.
- i do not have a "spiritual connection" with the animals or someshit.
i am a christian and believe as such *of course i do have my own weird opinions about things but if youre curious go ahead and ask me..*
-i DO however think that i have an understanding towards animals that some people lack and in turn they respect me as i respect them. plus im often seen talking to cats and dogs =P long story..
-someone once called me a "spiritual were". but that is FAR from what i am. like i said before..the word "spiritual" and "were" do not go together in /my/ little world that is myself. i do not believe in this "were" religion therianthropy is it? so by telling me im a spiritual were, you are telling me that i participate in that belief system. *well to me anyways*
-i do like wearing a tail and ears =)
-i am concious that i am a human. i am not a "hyooman eat-er" or whatever. as Goldenwolf put it, "proud to be human proud to be wolf".
i would not consider myself solely one or the other, and i have a happy mesh of the 2 personalities, but i AM in fact a human.

so in short, i do not want to label myself as a "were" because of all the spiritual/religious/sterotypes that go along with that label. in fact, if you had to call me anything were-ish, id be a "behavioral were" in the sense that i do act like an animal, but its just a branch of my personality. i do not /think/ i am an animal trapped in a human body.

as far as fur, i do feel that my attitude goes far beyond the "fandom", since my presonality is not a result of being a "fan of furries", its just who i am, and i happened to be lucky enough to find other people who enjoyed the kind of things i am into, but i do have a hard time finding people who act the way i do (which is also why i have so many were friends) When i say im a fur, most people view it as like being a Trekkie, but thats not it. Trekkies are fans of star trek, therefore they must think that Furs are fans of animals, but my whole deal goes far beyond that. like i said before, ive been this way all my life and was just lucky enough to find the fandom which i consider my niche now.
*sigh* so confusing...
I do not feel this way about furries/trekkies though so, i feel your pain. its kinda hard to explain things to a mundane.

i, personally, use the term "fur" to generalize people who have a special fondness for animals and act more like them etc etc..and that classifies both weres and furries alike.

so if you ask me, i will say i am a "Fur" as a general term, but now you know what i mean when i say that, because in actuality, im sorta..well..both?

now for a survey about me and some stuff..
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Shabu Dog

evening - and a message for Amy

twas a long day, twas a long evening

-Liz came over and showed me her prom dress. i showed her mine
-we played with my phones ringers
-decided we were gonna go see "Old School" but wanted to get dinner first
-Liz and i went to Pizza hut for the personal pans and some cinna-sticks
-sat in her car eating pizza and telling embarrassing stories
-rushed to the theatre
-Liz saw a truck she liked that was for sale, wrote down the number in hopes that a cute guy was selling it
-the movie it was funny but not as funny as expected
-i thought i locked my keys in my house and started panicking
-found them, felt like an idiot
-called tav
-came home and cleaned my room so i can walk through the door.
-talkin to Westly again

now a message to Amy *sings the Specials..."a message to you, A-my! stop yer messin around...." * aherm...good song.

Amy we gotta find Liz a prom date. i talked to her mom today and she kinda put it on me =P but ive been thinking, Gary is a sweet guy, does he by chance have any cute friends that would like to take Liz you think? Liz said "make sure hes good looking" which..we at least owe her that much ;) i dont have very many guy friends anymore and even if i did theyd be pretty funky lookin *cough*greg*cough* and she doesnt wanna go with my friend Sean, but hes a player anyways so that would only be a little to awkward. so whatcha think?
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