April 3rd, 2003

Shabu Dog

you will obey

"you may suffer great risk and severe penalty if you fight the union"

honestly i think the typing program in my computer applications test is sending me subliminal messages through its lessons 0_o
Shabu Dog

nothing to do

im done with all my stuff in computer applications. ive been sitting here for the past hour doing nothing but surf the web. so boring..*sigh*

i dont really feel good about my life. the things that used to make me happy dont make me happy anymore. sure you could say "but people love you!" but that doesnt make me happy anymore..mainly because they have odd ways of showing it.

i dont need the stress. i want to curl up in a little ball and sleep for a year and awake with all my problems solved..but that wont happen.

sometimes i just wanna start all over again. get rid of everything ihave and start again with the bare essentials...but thats not an option either. i know id never get back to where i am.

if i sell my car,ill never be able to afford another one like it until im like...40.

if leave my home i may not be able to come back

if i leave my boyfriend i wont be happy..and i wouldnt consider that an option.

of course dad used to tell me that "education comes before relationships" but in actuality, you have to have both. if i get my education but i dont have Tavis..ill be sad. but if i have Tavis and idont have my education..ill be sad. cant ihave both? why must things be so difficult.

im tired of being told what i CANT do. i want someone to tell me for once HOW i can do what i WANT to do. give me the steps i need to take to get there..dont just shoot me down and say its impossible. NOTHING is impossible. it may be harder..but it CAN be done.
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Shabu Dog


i like being asked questions..no..not "will you draw for me?!" but serious, intelligent questions. ie: my thoughts on things. ive noticed that though people read my LJ they never have the chance to actually ask something either about me, or my opinions that they want to know.

so heres your chance.

ask me anything =) but please, no anonymous posts. lets keep things polite ;)

oh and forgive me if this sounds conceited at all..but if you think about it...this is /my/ journal =D
im just a curious little wuffy girl i guess ;)