April 8th, 2003

Shabu Dog

stop calling me!

why is it that whenever i have a day off...especially a day off from both work AND school..EVERYONE and their grandmother calls me.

first, this morning i got a call from my aunt at 7:20 in the morning asking if was going to come to her wedding. its on my grandmas birthday which i think is highly rude, but i found out grandma was going so i figured..why not. but then i realized i havent changed my clock yet..so when she said she wanted to catch me before i went to school *she didnt realize i was on spring break* she was really calling me at 8:20 and she would have missed me anyways.

then the Union Tribune, who faithfully calls me every day, called my second line. now, this is my modem line, yet i sometimes use it forp hone purposes when my cell phone runs out of batteries. how they got this number i do not know..its not listed..but i begged them to take me off my list. i said "youve woken me up for the past 3 days. im not interested. i will never be interested..please take me off your list...please?" at this point i was just begging to go back to sleep.

then my first line rings...i dont go answer it cuz its most likely one of moms insane friends who call on the weekdays during work hours telling me who and what they prayed for like i care. i dont know them...everytime i answer the phone they go "faith?" i say "nicole." they go.."oh. is faith there?" "no." "when will she be home?" "shes working (like you should be)"
so..i didnt pick up. but then my cell phone rings. its Liz..she wants to give me the $71 limo money. my clock reads 10:00. i get bugged...but then i realize its 11:00...but she said shed be here a little after noon! *whine* im never getting to sleep!
i have a dentist appointment at 2 and i have to leave an hour in advance cuz its in Del Mar!

im at the point where if anyone calls me they will suffer a painful and bloody death before they finish saying "hello". but im not /that/ mean. besides...dad calls me nearly every weekend to wake me up "just for the heck of it" and "cuz he doesnt want me sleeping the day away" and /hes/ still alive. *grumble* i suppose family is immune ;) love you dad, but please..."weekend" means "im sleeping". it might as well be the definition of it in the unabridged dictionary of Nicole.

*yawn* thats what i get for staying up late..but at least i got to talk to Tavis. its funny you know...theres no other friend i have that i could talk to hours on end with about nothing. 0_o

i enjoy it =)
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Shabu Dog

once again..

GrayWolf, that coyote face just does NOT want to leave this state. it came back....AGAIN. im going to have to go to the post office and raise hell. sorry you havent gotten it yet. i have no idea whats going on =P

my day off:

got woken up a million times
went to a dentist appointment in del mar
went to olive garden got some portabello ravioli *drool*
went to amy's house and hung out with her and gary
watched Van Wilder
now im alone, and cleaning house. how utterly boring.

im debating on whether or not hanging out with couples is good for me. ive been hanging out with Travis and Nell a bit and then Amy and Gary...i hope im not a third wheel. i enjoy them though. least they dont make me feel horribly uncomfortable like some people do. thanks for letting me hang out with you guys =)

*looks down* wow...i can see my floor!
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