April 10th, 2003

Shabu Dog

tavis is a weirdo

but i love him anyways..the reason his package hasnt gotten here yet is cuz he wrote down the wrong zipcode. *giggles* hes such a silly old wuff.

at least now i know what happened so i can stop sitting by my mailbox =)

...now that makes me wonder where the other stuff he sent me went. mexico? where is 92218 anyways..does that zipcode even exist?
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Shabu Dog


i have this HUGE gash on my backside..its right on my hip/back and i didnt notice it until i put pants on and it hurt...

the thing is...i dont remember hurting myself..i dont have a cat, and i dont have fingernails that are sharp enough to do that *i bite..*

its so odd! owie =(
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