April 17th, 2003

Shabu Dog

hell wasnt built in a day

or actually..it was. i put things off till the last minute all the time..but im quite proud with this weeks accomplishment. i had to create hell as i see it. now..i didnt have time to do what i REALLY wanted to do. even the entire time we had to do the project wouldnt have been enough..so i improvised and came up with something moderately funny. well..okay..its pretty damn funny and im probably going to get sued for it but oh well who cares =D

ill scan it and post the "canto" *yes..it rhymes and is in Dante's format* that goes along with it when i get it graded. promise =)
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    silence. gah! the insanity =P
Shabu Dog


you know what i find really creepy and quite disturbing? when people draw themselves as gryphons and they show them picking off their own flesh and feathers in an angsty bloody mess. not that i dont like people that do that..i just find the images themselves quite gross >_<
of course..im also not a bird person. *wark!*

amy, do you know of any place thats good for prom hair and they have openings later in the day? i have an apointment at Ciao Bella down the street but its at like 11:30 AM! thats ridiculous! i dont know why mom made my appointment that early. she didnt say they were booked up the rest of the day....now its too late and no one there has any openings later *sulk* i dont want Tav to see my hair already and ill have to keep it nice for over 9 hours =P *sulk*
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Shabu Dog

how embarrassing

i was in computer applications class and my teacher suddenly shouts out..
"Who printed 11 pages worth of something called 'Thornwolf's Journal?!"

0_o eep.

I DIDNT PRESS PRINT THOUGH! why on earth would i do that? and the worst part was..it showed private posts too *keels over*

the good thing is right after she said that im like "huh? how on earth did that happen? lemme see that for a sec" and just as she handed it to me the fire alarm went off, so i pocketed it and ran out the door and tossed it in a trash can. it didnt say anything bad at all...as you know...but i just feel weird about my teacher having a hard copy of my journal with me talking about stupid furry related stuff. i dont need it i can tell you that much =P

i hate that stupid computer. its spastic.
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