April 18th, 2003

Shabu Dog

good night at work

work was awesome tonight.

i made friends with the new girl and she tagged along while i went about doing my normal routine..and she was in training for taking phone orders so i didnt have to do those. the customers were friendly and greatly appreciative of my chipper attitude *sometimes people react badly to it for some reason..but its not like i can be rude*
the guys were sweet to me and didnt hit me over the head with ice buckets *they do in a playful manner of course*
and the boss had me go to k-mart while i was on shift to run some errands picking up staples, a marker bin and lightbulbs. that was a nice break =D
*mrr* and Racquel gave me some extra mushrooms to go with my soup.
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Shabu Dog


im too lazy to edit anything...but im alone for the whole weekend! SCORE! =D
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