April 20th, 2003

Shabu Dog


why are there spiders on EVERYTHING i own?!
there was a dead one on my civics notes that i NEED for my research paper, then after i disposed of him, one dropped onto my keyboard making me afraid to type,
last night there was one on my Pratt Institute booklet and he went inside the pages so when i picked up the book he squirmed out and i dropped it in a panic....

and theres a HUGE one living in my bath puff. i almost rubbed him all over my body! GAH! I HATE SPIDERS!!!!
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Shabu Dog


does anyone know the proper MLA format for a paper heading and for a bibliography? i need one for books, an interview, and websites.


~Thorn, who lost her MLA handbook like a moron.
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    Bailamos - is it Enrique or Ricky? theyre all the same to me
Shabu Dog


its craptastic but its better than most of the jokers in my class can do. i finally finished my research paper! *keels over*

now i think im going to go throw up due to my vast peep intake for the day...

oh yeah...starry im gonna start my half of our trade now =) toldja id do it when i was done *squee*

god i love this song..
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