April 26th, 2003

Shabu Dog

just wonderful

got up at 7:00 to get to college testing at 9. got breakfast ad jack in the box and got a coffee from the drive through coffee hut *12 oz vanilla latte extra vanilla..mmmm* and got to palomar college an hour before testing started. saw a sign *must have visitor permit* so i asked a student who was waiting outside the door. he told me i have to go all the way around to the back to get a permit from some machine and its $2. he said "you can walk it. no problem." half an hour goes by, im walking around the billions of parkinglots by myself. lot 12, lot 18 lot 336..blah blah....no machines. saw some cops but they werent within earshot so i couldnt yell for help. saw some motorcycle guys practicing...no luck. they didnt know where i should go.
i asked a mother and a student, they said the machines were all the way where i had come from, but seeing as how i only had 10 minutes to get there and get back for testing, i figured ah screw it. so i came back and that one student..mike..was still there. "did you find it?" he said. "no." "here, ill go with you" and he proceeds to walk towards my car in hopes of getting in. "i think ill go by myself. just tell me where to get a parking permit" so he tells me some roundabout way. but the way he tells me leads to a one way street...a one way street that goes in the opposite way im coming from. oh bugger >=/
so i talk to a cop lady and she says i dont need a parking permit cuz its the weekend. *curses*
so i go back to the testing center and mike is there once again and he hands me some form i need to fill out. i ask the lady if im supposed to fill it out im here for the 9:00 appointment. she says yes. by the time i fill it out and turn it in she goes. "well theyre not going to let you in NOW...reschedule on monday" >=/ *STOMP!*

"you mean to tell me that after i get here an hour early, have strangers talk to me and try to get in my car, and i STILL cant find a parking permit only to realize i dont need one after all, and after i have to fill out this paperwork which, as you will see, i already filled out online, i cant test today?"



"reschedule monday."


i hate college.
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Shabu Dog

my room does not stink

i dont know how it could stink. mom and her friend Terry said my room smelled bad, but i dont know whats in it that could possibly smell bad except for my open window, and my neighbors could be putting their garbage out on the balcony again. but of course i may have gotten used to it. none of my friends says it smells bad..but i need incense, but theres an incense vacuum here in rancho bernardo. if anyone wants to send me some for my birthday ill love you forever =) its good aroma therapy, which probably also explains why i havent felt quite "right" lately. something about that good smelling smoke soothes the savage beast that is Thorn. my guess is parents and guys dont understand this. well...Tavis knows that a good scritch on the scalp could do the same thing...*mrr*

at least now with that college thing out of the way i have more time to get ready for prom and finish Kura's conbadge. its "inked" *and by that i mean the black parts done on the computer* so all it needs is some color and text and viola! im done. then i gotta take it and get it laminated. Kura! give me a disk. i dont have any. i just need to borrow some space so i can take it to Kinkos.

darn, i could have had the opportunity to see Brenda and Blizzard at the con today *sigh* oh well ill see them tomorrow hopefully.
i just hope i dont get lost!

GrayWolf, did that coyote face come in the mail? please say it did, i dont want to have to get mad at the post office again...it hasnt come back here so thats a plus. i think..

i think i might wanna go sleep. i dont have TV and none of my friends are awake yet. *sigh*


oh..and as far as this LJ pic goes..ITS JUST AN EXPRESSION! and it stays.
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Shabu Dog

CF 03 - my first con ever

If you see this badge:

or this one

come say hi!

sketches are $10 bucks if you happen to spot me and want one...and dont be scared, i wont bite..hard =)

See ya later Starry and Xian! i sure hope i dont get lost on my way there 0_o
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