May 1st, 2003

Shabu Dog

Truckside Coffee

why all this hullaballoo about coffee? for some reason my school has been going nuts over this new coffee stand that popped up on campus called Truckside Coffee. doesnt sound too appetizing, but the name comes from the fact that the 19 year old guy that runs it basically serves coffee from the tailgate of his truck. i gave it a was totally blown away. he knows how to make a pretty decent vanilla latte that actually tastes like vanilla! the lid smelled a little like whatever. its prolly how he gets his business *shrugs*.
pretty nice guy too.

im doing absolutely nothing in computer applications. its all makeup work and ive done it all. *yawn*

im such a scrub today. i rolled out of bed and didnt get wearing my PJ's and havent even brushed my hair yet. i dont really dress to impress. i have no one to impress...theres no one here really worth my time or effort as theyre all druggies, drunks or sleaze-balls that dont make me feel none too great about the human species as a whole *sigh* and my friends dont care what i look like...i dont think 0_o maybe i should start taking more pride in my appearance. you know..put my best paw forward and whatnot. after all, i semi-dressed up for Confurence. yeah..i think i looked pretty good when i did my makeup all nice =) *feels pretty*

*pets own hair..* i feel like a cotton puff.

hopefully theres some people out there who find fluffy-ness cute =) *fuzzle*

*mrr* i want a nap now. that was damn good coffee. ya mon. ;)
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Shabu Dog

i am an idiot!

i was late to school today cuz i left my car keys in my pants that i threw off last night, and i spent an hour looking for them. AN HOUR! i told mom i found them under the couch to save face *buries face in paws*

okay. that was just too priceless ;) im having a rather blonde day.....
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Shabu Dog


was watching cops. doodled this in 10 minutes. thinking about selling it to give me some pocket change for prom. would anyone be interested?

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