May 5th, 2003

Shabu Dog

tee hee =)

today Tavis realized that today was the day his parents probably had sex.

happy "event that will lead to your birth" day Tavis! *gigglesnort*

i went makeup shopping today with tiff. LOTS of decision making. im not happy with my lipstick whatsoever. it same color as my skin tone, making me look like some old fart lady that likes wearing beige and having no tint to her lips ugh! so now i have to take it back to SavOn. yes. i bought my makeup at SavOn. sue me. its cheaper than going to the clinique counter and i dont need much makeup to begin with *beam*

now i have to go through the pain of returning the lipstick/lipliner to exchange it for something else. how do they do that? do they melt it down or something? thats unsanitary if they just repackage it *i definitely dont think they just do that but still..ugh*

got a lot done today other than that.

got my corsage and tav's boutenir all ordered up. theyll match =) aaaaand i got my dress picked up today. so yeah. lots of money spending. lets see..

HOLY MOLY! i spent my entire paycheck today *sulk*

well. thats why im asking for money for my birthday =/

unless you wanna get me the clerks figurines..seen here..

i want Dante and Silent Bob!
mine mine mine! *cling*
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