May 8th, 2003

Shabu Dog


my hair looks bad. Nell and i tried dying it yesterday and it turned BRIGHT clown orange. then we dyed it brown on top of that and the rest of it looks okay but my roots still look horrible.

i just about cried today. its not Nells fault, its not my fault. that stupid herbal essences dye is crappy and it didnt do the color that was on the box. wasted money that i cant afford to spend =*(

now Nell thinks im mad at her. im not at just having a bad hair day and im distraught about it.

why does everyone always think everythings about them anyways?

moms trying to call Ciao Bella to see if they can fix it. i hope they can without making my scalp flake off.

this is so humiliating.
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Shabu Dog

feeling a little better

well..aside from the whole hair incident i had a pretty decent evening.

spent time with Kura and Nell, had a few really good laughs at my expense =) it WAS funny..i swear..just..kinda had a panic attack cuz its so close to prom.

got to talk to my new pal Tappy Cat. hes such an oddball, lol! i met him awhile ago through some e-mails about the Art Institute and we just recently got to talking/catching each other online. nice guy =)

i told him a bit about my incident...was kinda he gave me huggies. this is not what i had in mind...

but whatever ;)

thanks for cheering me up Tappy!

Talked to Tavis, hes coming out tomorrow *Holds breath* eek! i have so much i need to clean up! were not going to be sleeping all weekend...not that we have much planned, but i dont want to go home and i dont want him to be bored so...i guess ill have to find something to do in this podunk town. looking forward to seeing him though =D *hugs the wuffy* i have a present for him. the tail i bought him arrived yesterday and i must say is the most GORGEOUS, WHITEST fox tail i have EVER seen *floofs* goodie!

now i just gotta get ahold of the people who were selling the gray tail. im bugged..theyre not responding to my e-mails. jerks. *grumble* gonna go to ciao bella at 3 to see if they can fix my hair. if not its no biggie its not like its noticable or just rather have it brown than auburn.
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Shabu Dog

it came!

my wolf ring came in the mail today! its so pretty and coincidentally its one of the ones i picked out that i wanted for my birthday! its the one thats the silver band with silhouettes of wolves running across it. *mrrr* im happy =)
and its just my size!!! what a coincidence..especially from furbid!
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Shabu Dog


IM BEAUTIFUL AGAIN!! *snuggles self* okay least my hair looks good.

you know its bad when you walk into a hair salon and people start laughing at you. i dont wasnt THAT noticable to me..but when i got it fixed people were like..*man this is WAAAAAAAY better than how you had it!*

great. ah well. *floofs hair* i feel like im on a shampoo commercial! =D *floof floof floof*

thanks all for your support though. sorry amy, james and jenny for today when i was rude/avoidant. i get really self concious when i feel ugly >_<

dont you just love "fresh from the salon" hair? you can never duplicate it yourself but its fun while it lasts....
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