May 13th, 2003

Shabu Dog


my birthdays tomorrow. scary. SO BORING!!! saturday will be fun though. me and my buds are going to pizza port in carlsbad for their "carlsbad" pizza.
artichoke hearts, pesto, feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes and chicken. mmmmmmmmmm =) no mozerella. its good that way.

on another note..i miss tav..its kinda weird to have him phsyically here one hour then the next hes just a voice on the phone. *snuggles blanket* =P
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Shabu Dog


i hate it when people walk up and stand next to me, fart, and then say "hoo boy, it stinks over here, " then walk away.

i hate my screen printing class >_
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Shabu Dog

the many names of Thornwolf

Over the past week ive been called many..many..many things.

Throne Waffle
pr0n waffle
Thornywuffy Kat came up with most of em...but still. i wonder how many different possibilities there are to make fun of me. hrm......
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Shabu Dog

oh yeah..forgot...

last week when i was walking up from the student parking lot i saw something very very gross.

now normally im used to seeing the half eaten remains of the rabbits that graze on the school's lawn, courtesy of the local yotes, and i saw something on the ground that looked like part of some intestines. no big deal right?

it wasnt intestines.

it was a premature fetal rabbit just lying on the ground. it looks like if you gave it about a week it would have been able to survive..but it was still clearly "unborn."

it makes me wonder how the hell it got there. did a coyote eat the mother and it just squeezed out? was it a lapine abortion? there was nothing else around it.

made me gag and thus set the mood for the rest of the day =P ick. sad but...ick.
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Shabu Dog


im sick. and so close to my birthday too *groans*

oh yeah..our tree. at school. the little territory we hang out in and have done so for 4 years. they chopped down our tree, now we have no shade =( they didnt even ask!!
i dont htink they realize that though its not our property it does affect the "territories" and "boundaries" of a highschool campus. now if we go snag someone elses tree, well have to run them out of their territory and everything wont be well with the world.

thats so depressing.
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