May 14th, 2003

Shabu Dog

*cough cough* *sneeze* SARS!

well, happy birthday to me, im home sick =*(

now im going to miss seeing my friends today. i bet theyll be wondering with i am. oh good, amys online ill tell her whats up...
i think i caught whatever kura got from his snotty 6 year old brother *children carry MANY MANY diseases*

i may have to go out later and buy a lotto ticket
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Shabu Dog


still stick. i have to go to tutorial though and make up a test at school.

i had a really weird dream when i was on the couch. i dreamed that i went to kyoht and goldenwolf's house (odd cuz ive never met them IRL) and ky was making a little figurine out of her "little tyrant" drawing. it was made out of this weird rubbery stuff, the body that is..then she individually put little fake hair things in with tweezers. and im thinking "gawd..shes taking over every medium!" but then i started playing with it and i asked her how she did it and i said id have to try to make my own. tres cool!
it was also strange cuz they were getting ready for howla then i said i had to go, as if i could drive back to california just on a whim. i swear..sometimes when im out of it im out of it.

to bad that figurine thing wasnt real, i seriously think that would be a cool way to make one.

great. late for school. adios!
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Shabu Dog

happy happy birthday..happy birthday thornwolf!

today has been not so bad =)

i stayed home, slept all day, then woke up and went to sushi.

my grandma, aunt, dad, tiff, and boyfriend called *tav called numerous times =) ee!* to wish me a happy birthday to princess wuffy pants! *crown*

thank you so much fen, snow, winter, xian, tappy *and anyone else i may have failed to mention so sorry!* for the lovely gift art and thanks everyone for the many many birthday wishes! *hugs* love ya all =)

sushi was good, i had a dragon roll and they made it look like a dragon!! it was so cool! i also had some shrimp and tuna sushi. i have some leftover dragon rolls...i didnt want to waddle away from the table, not to mention being sick causes me to lose my appetite, but man.its sushi! i also had miso soup and some free birthday green tea ice cream.

mom also bought me a chocolate cake, some coffee ice cream and we took my camera to one hour photo at RiteAid to be developed *squee*

mom got me some green tea scented perfume and lotion. it smells really good! very summery, and quite appropriate for the japanese food setting.

welp..gonna go pick up my photos! bbl =)
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Shabu Dog

aw poo

they didnt get around to my pictures. one hour my ass.

*grumble* ill have them tomorrow though
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