May 19th, 2003

Shabu Dog


5th week in a row this has happened.. 5th week in a row!!!!
i call my work and say "hi, this is Nicole, i wanted to know if im working today?"
employee: "just checked the schedule, youre not working till friday."

wtf? for the past 5 weeks ive only been scheduled for one...MAYBE 2 days, if im lucky, a week. meanwhile everyone else gets 4 or 5. im getting NO hours. not only that, but for the past 2 weeks ive only gotten one day, and ic ouldnt work those days cuz of being sick and they dont want me coughing on the food. not like i can help that..and i totally understand their reasoning, but that means i dont get a paycheck this pay period CUZ I DIDNT WORK!!

this angers me. i think theyre trying to get me to quit. i dont know why, i work just as hard as everyone else, if not harder. they have me water the plants, the boss sends me on errands to k-mart..everything. and im not limited to just one job..unlike some of the people who work there who say "ooo! i cant answer phones, all i can do is pack salads in the baggies! dont ask me to answer phones!"

they want me to quit? fine. im gonna start looking for a new job and put in my 2 weeks after thats secure. this is ridiculous. i need money and no matter how many times i talk to the manager he keeps giving me the whole "were trying to spread it outa s best we can" and stuff....then he blows me off. i talk to jessica...she says the same thing then rambles off. i sense a conspiracy. call me crazy..but....theres no reason for them to want to fire me/have me quit. i dont stand around talking to people and being non-productive. >=/

i used to like this place now im starting to get aggravated with it.
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Shabu Dog


i made this for Westly cuz hes such a great friend and sends me incense!! *snugs*

silly yena-woof. contributing to the laziness of a former-minor
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Shabu Dog


im in a very peaceful mood rightnow, although i cant stop coughing =P

feeling kinda artful, but all around lazy. im looking forward to summer, i just wish i was a younger kid again at times, the i could still look forward to more summers of doing absolutely nothing.

wow. this sucks. im an adult. and it would be cooler if i was 21 the i could go to vegas....but ah well, i guess ill just have to go to an Indian Casino. rrf.

i gotta earn some money. my jobs not really helping me with that. im trying to save up so i can move out. im gonna try to put up some more auctions and hope they go well. not to mention finish the few commissions i have. lucky for me theyre friends of mine who i keep in contact with quite often. i like that arrangement =)

dont fear the reaper baby..
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