May 20th, 2003

Shabu Dog


does the internet shut down at midnight or something?
seriously. nothings changed since i left at like..10:15.

watched some TV, got an urge to draw, so i drew a small portrait of 2 wolves nuzzling with colored pencils. havent worked with those in awhile. it felt quite good =) no reference though. dont know how its going to turn out. im weird when i get experimental.

watched the family guy. FUUUNNNYYYY!! i really missed that show.

god its hot in here. i swear, the AC doesnt work in my room...grar rar rar =P

gonna go sweat in bed now.
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Shabu Dog

the democrats are coming 0_o

a speaker for the democratic party came into class today to talk with us. His name was Thor. he was a BIIIIG man....


at least it was better than that weenie from the libertarian party. they dont believe in PBS =P
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Shabu Dog

manners? what manners?

"do as i say, not as i do" has never been more true.

i was sound asleep in my bed a few minutes ago..and mom started knocking on my wall (cuz my rooms a wall away from the livingroom) and yelling NICOLE!!! at the top of her lungs. me..thinking theres like..a fire or something...i run out of my room yelling "what what what?!?"

..."mikes going to carls jr. what do you want?" >=/

so im all confuzzed from being just recently asleep and i give him my order and ask mom why she didnt come knock on my door like a normal person?

i got a really angry snotty response. "well IM sick and /i/ can barely walk and i feel so crappy..blah blah blah."

"and you dont think i know it? you dont think i know what its like being sick?!" after all..she caught the damn blasted disease from ME! i hate when people treat me like an idiot and act like i have no clue what its like being sick, but thats no reason she couldnt walk 5 feet and knock on my door instead of yelling through a wall.

and she said "...and mike didnt want to knock on your door.."

didnt want to knock on my door??! what? like im some dragon in a dungeon thats going to bite him if he offers me food? not likely! it would have been the more polite thing anyways. i swear, they use the excuse of "mike not wanting to do something" to be rude >=/

no only that, but this weekend might had bought me a birthday cake as a nice gesture. guess who eats the last piece? i can tell you it wasnt the birthday girl...even though i was SAVING IT FOR AFTER SCHOOL!

so i ask mom "mom did you eat my last piece of BIRTHDAY cake?"

her response.."i was home all alone!"

wtf? that is not an answer to my question, nor is it even a logical excuse!

heres what i would have done...AND HAVE both situations:

first situation, this weekend i was feeling more than shitty, yet i ask mom if she wants any food cuz im going to get off my lazy ass and get take out. she says no...i say..are you sure? cuz id be more than happy to get you something?

note that i got up, walked OUT of the livingroom, knocked on moms door, waited like 10 minutes for her to unlock her door so she could talk to me so i didnt YELL through the door, and asked her politely. none of this yelling through the wall shit.

second situation, there has never been a time where mom brings home leftovers..or in any case..has a desert of some kind in the fridge, where if i want it i dont ask her if i can have it. I ALWAYS ASK!! even if im not sure whos it is..i ALWAYS ask just in case someone else is saving it. im POLITE. its called FOOD ETIQUETTE!
and this goes for triple points because it was fucking birthday cake.

this is not the only time this has happened though.

my (ex) boyfriend branden bought me a butterfinger for my birthday. guess who ate it? mom.
i had half a bag of m&m's that i was saving for after school cuz i didnt feel like eating chocolate for breakfast..who eats em? mom. youd think that if its half a bag..chances are, someone ate the other half, and that person owns the bag =P
not to mention that everytime i go trick or treating, my favorite candy to get is reeses and i get joy out of getting the largest reeses stock. who eats them in 2 days while i get

doesnt even ask. her logic is "ill buy you more!"
but its still rude. >=/

reminds me of when tavis and i made brownies *well..okay...tavis actually MADE them i got the mix. * and we put a huge sign that said something along the lines of "If you didn't make them, they are not your brownies...-Tavis and Nicole*

what happens the next morning? BITES TAKEN OUT OF ALL THE BROWNIES!!! *of course this wasnt moms fault..we were in NY, but the same rule applies that apparently no one has any manners anymore*

grr. i dont get it. mom taught me to always ask before i took something, and to always offer when i was getting food for myself. *shakes head* why doesnt she do me the same courtesy?
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Shabu Dog

interesting friend quotes

for the record, im sort of out of it. i just wiped my nose with a sock.

..whaaaat?! i couldnt find a tissue! *snort*

Nicole *regardint the multicultural foods fair we had at school*
: so did you enjoy your multicultural meal?
James: that chicken was pretty tasty actually
James: nothing like knawing shit off a stick to broaden your perception


Liz: wheres Jenny?
Nicole: she said she went home to eat a Ding Dong
Amy: oh? Nates over?


Tiffany: Gay guys are so anal!!!


Liz*regarding her concern for her brother doing drugs*: he smokes marijuana, but i dont think hes smoking pot
Nicole: well what about weed? =>
Liz: not sure..i should really ask him.
Nicole: 0_o ?


Jenny *while holding my soda while i tie my shoes*: Hurry up! my numb is going arm!


Tavis: dont worry hon, youll never be able to get rid of me. not even with a stick or a can of Lysol.


Kura: why does everything i touch explode?!!!
Nicole: *backs away slowly*


more to come eventually im sure. my friends are weird..but i love them =) *waggle*
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