May 23rd, 2003

Shabu Dog

gallery blues

i think ive completely abandoned the VCL. everytime i upload something, Ch'marr either moves it or deletes it. =P how obnoxious. i know hes trying to keep a sense of quality control, but i dont think its fair that he picks on me but lets those other stick-herm bad scans to go through. *grumble*
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Shabu Dog

wow. fun

i love my english teacher.

"if youre not working on something at least pretend youre working."

the gay and lesbian group came to speak to my class today. i really enjoyed what they talked about. the lesbian speaker reminded me of a homosexual Brenda. *if such a thing were possible....* =/

id rather not discuss my views on homosexuality in a public post because there are some hate mongers out there who do not respect the opinions of others so..if you want to know my views, ask me, but be open minded, as i am. i dont believe in hate, thats for sure.

anyhoo..back to "looking busy".
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Shabu Dog

um. what?

ive been thinking. why on earth do they call NYC "the big apple?"
for some reason when i think of NY i dont think of produce *especially since hardly anyone there has ever seen an avocado in their lives much less be able to provide decent guacamole >_<*

thats just one of those odd names ill never get.

also..why is New Jersey the garden state? when i think of Jersey i think of factories and small towns and stuff. but thats probably because thats all ive seen when i went there...but still.

isnt san diego called "californias first city" or something like that? its called something weird. but if it was called californias first city i bet i can seriously prove that thats untrue. what about san francisco?

people are weird. =P
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