June 1st, 2003

Shabu Dog

hello Duke =P

okay thats a little weird. awhile ago i sent a letter to Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham discussing the pseudo-war in Iraq as an assignment for my civics class.

2 days ago i got a response from good ol' Duke. long letter too....but it was really ill-timed since the wars now over. ah well.

but i just got ANOTHER COPY of the same letter in my mailbox this morning. what gives? did he forget he responded to my letter? but its weird cuz its an exact copy of the last one, but its signed and everything..

weird. either the Matrix has changed something or my Duke's assistants are really unorganized.
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Shabu Dog

DC I LOVE YOU!!! *hugs da serval*

DC you are such a sweetheart!!! thank you so much for the e-card! *snugs* happy graduation to you too and have TONS of fun in Estonia =) *has yet to find that on a map* you know the funny thing about that particular artist Lee Kromschroeder? i met him. yep! he actually keeps a lot of his artwork in a wildlife art gallery here in san diego i frequent and actually had a chance in becoming a part of..*but i didnt want to get involved cuz that meant the gallery had to keep some of the meager money i made and id have to keep cranking out artwork* but hes really sweet and allowed me to visit his private studio in rancho santa fe. i even got him to critique some of my stuff and see some of his works in progress. one was a baby gorilla eating wild celery. *soooo cute!*

so yeah, that card meant more to me than you probably intended it to. thanks so much though *hugs*
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Shabu Dog


i have a birthday/grad present for you. could you please e-mail me your mailing addy so i can send it? its not much but i hope you like it =)
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Shabu Dog

im curious..

was doodling tonight. drew a possible wolfhome pose and the idea spawned into this poll. please enjoy =)

Poll #140747 art and sales input

If i made a set of 3 wolfhome poses, line art only, and posted them on furbid you would be interested

im not on wolfhome

if you were to purchase one of my drawings you would prefer one with this species:

other (please specify)

if you were to purchase one of my drawings you would prefer

were art
wildlife art *non anthro*

you will be interested in commissioning me within the next 2 months.


and now for a progress report...

Fenris: need to color
Con Badge Auction: pending
StarFinder: on hold until further notice
Westly: yeah yeah yeah i hear ya. ill do some more icons ;) *hugs*

suggestion for those who have considered commissioning me at this time:

digital sketches dont take that long for me to do but theyve been quite popular as of lately. if you would like to commission me for one, please e-mail me =) oh yeah..an example can be seen here : http://www.yerf.com/thornwolf/bigbadbill.gif
and a color version: http://www.yerf.com/thornwolf/thelonewolf.jpg

badge commissions: they are currently $20 and come full color, laminated and signed on the back.

in case youre wondering, im raising money to see my mate this summer. i miss him. =)

thanx guys!
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