June 4th, 2003

Shabu Dog


a whole period of being bitched at while breathing noxious chemicals and burning off your finger prints with "dehazing" goop is sure a great way to wake ya up in the morning.

i hate school.
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Shabu Dog

the list..

-make up assignment
-make up quiz
-study guide
-study for final

-dialectical journal
-"walk" essay
-"verse" essay
-reflective essay
-pictures for my "treasure" assignment

Screen Printing
-print out pictures
-put them on poster board
-write out questions and answers
-make a layout of the screen printing shop in Freehand
-get application from shop
-think of things to say for the presentation

Computer Applications:
-finish Excel Document
-finish powerpoint
-finish pamphlet
-make speech

-put into "final cut pro"
-make background

needless to say, i wont be available to talk at all for the remainder of the week. if you get the away message, its doubtful ill respond =/ sorry.ifyou wanna drop me a line though, e-mail is always best, that way i can respond at my own liesure =D

back to the salt mines..
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