June 15th, 2003

Shabu Dog

happy fathers day everyone!

dad and i made scrambled eggs and bacon and had it all on jalapeno bagels. mmmm spicy bagels *drool*

im all skinned, scraped and bruised from yesterdays boat outing. my goal was to see how long i could stay on the innertube. i lasted awhile =P i got mad rugburns from the canvas the towable is made out of, not to mention i got the snot kicked outta me when i finally hit the water.

my dog hates the water, i dont think well be taking her on the boat tomorrow.

last night we watched the pianist and soylent green. the pianist was very well done, very good, but it was VERY sad. at least in schindlers list there was a happy ending. this was just sad...and...well...kind of disturbing, but then again so was the holocaust.

soylent green was interesting because it was set in 2022. i always get amused at things like that cuz its like "and this is your future! in 1995 a great flood hit the earth KILLING EVERYONE IN ITS PATH!" and its like.."yo?" *loves old cartoons for that reason*


plus Charlton Heston rocks =)

i really wish i had some paper and a pencil right about now. im having the "gotta draw" urges and i havent drawn anything in about a week. *stress!*

i have this spiffy idea as a gift for my art teachers and i kinda wanna get going on it before i lose the inspiration. its going to be a set of 4 drawings. TOP SECRET! TOP SECRET UNTIL I GET AT LEAST ONE OF THEM DONE!! *is paranoid about people stealing her ideas cuz it happens OH so often.*

now you just gotta kick me in the bum so i actually get them done.

ok..its official.."all TV and no art makes Thorn a dull wuff" *twitch*
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Shabu Dog

Amy, Jaime, Tiff

i just got my grad nite pictures back. i have them on a CD Rom for easy scanning. we have to get together to show off pics, no excuses. =)

Dad and i just watched 2001: A Space Odyssey. man oh man was that good. a little boring at times, but good. Kubrick is insane...
everything made sense up until Dave shut H.A.L. down then im like "buh?" i had to get Tavis to explain it and its still a bit iffy. maybe ill have to watch the sequel or read the book..although i highly doubt id ever catch myself reading this summer.

must...draw.....inspired...!!! wow, i should really value my art supplies more. im seriously going crazy.

dad and i have been having a great time though. we were going to make ribeye steaks for fathers day but due to the all day snacking weve been doing were stuffed! were going to have shrimp cocktail instead. *mm mmm!* so right now im thawing the sprimp in a bowl of water. god i love crustaceans.

one note though, you wont believe how many times i check everything to make sure a scorpion hasnt made its home in say...my shoe..or my pants...im seriously paranoid. after that one scorpion incident ive been more than willing to stomp anything with 8 legs and a stinger (yes..it must have a stinger for me to squish it...ill leave tarantulas alone, so dont worry Klandagi)

gotta go, dad and i are watching war stories, might pop in another movie. lazy days full of doing nothing are so relaxing! =D

now to go find some paper...
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Shabu Dog

Cat Dragons and doodles

i found some paper and dad gave me a notebook to draw on. i drew a cat dragon, but it looks like something Kyoht would draw so im debating on posting it. *sigh* i HATE that. everytime i think of something cool to draw its been done, or it looks similar to something else....*sigh...rar..*

oh well.

dad and iare going to watch casablanca. weve done nothing all day and it feels sooooo great =D

i just wish i had a scanner.
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