June 16th, 2003

Shabu Dog


-I came to Casablanca for the waters

-Waters? What waters? We're in the desert

-I was mistaken...

such a good movie! and it was digitally remastered so there was no lint on it or weird lighting or anything =) rowr!

finished my cat dragon and watched some Homocide Detective show and drew some angry wolf thingy. not sure if ill finish that though.

Dad and i were too full last night to eat the ribeyes so we had shrimp cocktail instead. i think well make the steaks tonight.

I gave my dog a bath, shes such a funny pup. i gave her breakfast and i think she knew she was about due for a bath so she rolled over belly up so i couldnt move her. i didnt wanna pick her up cuz she just ate and she might feel sick.

Last night dad took the dog out, and then i heard this scratching at the front door..

me: did you leave the dog outside?
dad: um. no?
me: *gets up and walks to the front door, in comes Jesse all ruffled, tired, and reeking of desert shrubbery" DAD!!!!
dad: oops. howd she get out there?

*rolls eyes* shes fine though, i dont know what she rolled in but man it stunk! the plants out here are few but either stinky or pointy. im glad she only rolled in the stinky ones or i would have been picking cactus bits out of her butt.

we might go on the lake today, not sure yet. im pretty tired and i dont know why. seems like no matter how much sleep i get im still exhausted. *yawn*.

alright. i think im going to go draw again while i still have a chance to do so.
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Shabu Dog


dad and i made ribeyes, rare with seasoned salt and sauteed mushrooms in garlic salt and butter with an artichoke and caesar salad. *drool!* i am soooooooooo stuffed, but its a good kinda stuffed =)

we didnt go on the boat today, but we went to the pool and hung out with our new rafts and just talked a bit. talked a bit about art and business as we usually do. dad gave me the best bit of advice i think ive had in awhile, and id like to share it paraphrased of course:

"learn how to say 'i dont know'. if you say 'i know i know i know' then people figure you know everything and are too hot to trot to ask for help, so they dont want to have anything to do with you, but if you say 'i dont know' then people will stand in line to help you out, which in the end teaches you a lot more than you could have ever learned on your own."

and that, my friends, is something i really need to do. really put it into perspective.

with that in mind, i think im going to try to contact some storyboard artists so i can ask them questions about the business and start developing my "relationship portfolio" to get some connections to help me along in my education. i think that it will really do me some good.

art wise, i think i abandoned that one wolf drawing, but doodled a wolf dragon instead. ok, so it looks a little like wolfmage, but theres only so many ways you can keep a winged wolf/dragon simple without it looking like SOMEONE so i hope he doesnt mind. *if it bugs anyone ill take it down.* now i just gotta figure out if i wanna upload it onto yerf or VCL. i dont like the VCL much anymore, but im not sure if its really yerf worthy since it lacks a background or even shading. the cat dragon on the otherhand is just a pencil doodle but it has some background.
ugh. im overanalyzing again. i think thats what TV does to me, not to mention i havent been able to talk to tavis much. cell reception is horrid here for some odd reason and its made our convos rather bitter since we can hardly hear each other and its frustrating *sigh* that sucks balls.

ok, i think im going to get a little more drawing done before dad asks me to help clean up again. were leaving early in the AM tomorrow and i should be back by afternoon time =) *wag wag wag* just hope i dont have work..im not going to be fully awake.
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Shabu Dog

aw poo

no one bid on my wolfhome pose auction. anyone wanna buy the separate poses? 3 bucks each? *whimper*
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Shabu Dog

im on a roll

wow, its amazing what not drawing for 2 weeks will do for you. ive been cranking out pics, but sadly to every 5 sketches i actually find one i like..and maybe even finish. there goes that whole "im not happy with anything" thing again. poof.

daddy went out to get some ice cream. mmm nummerz! wonder what kind he'll get, although ishouldnt be eating it, i have a tummy ache. surprisingly dairy products help my tummy feel better. good thing too....cuz im CONSTANTLY downing milk and cheese..*mmm....cheese*

watching a program on giants on...discovery channel i think? one of those educational programs *loves!*

i also had some cool ideas for some t-shirt designs. when i get home im going to get cracking on those when im taking a break from my commissions. yeah..this is me:
-work work work work
-draw draw draw *slurp coffee*
-work work work work

so in actuality its kind of like:
-pushing rocks pushing rocks
-pull heavy cart pull heavy cart....*sweat*

if you didnt get the blatant clerks cartoons reference i shall club your foot with a whiffle bat.

ok, ice cream and arties calling me...huzzah!
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