June 18th, 2003

Shabu Dog


Jesse is sick. dad called me this morning and told me she was throwing up and had a knot in her stomach, so i called the vet and they had the option for "life threatening emergency" so i went ahead and did that one, cuz well, im not exactly sure, and the rest was just about perscriptions *it was a touch tone menu*
then i call grandma to ask if shell go with me to hold the dog in the car. she said "shes fine to ride in the car by herself." so then she proceeds to tell me the story about what happened..and i say "so come with me to tell what happened cuz i wasnt there to see it and theyre going to be asking me questions and i wontk now how to answer them." she goes "well when are you going?" i said "in 10 minutes." she said "oh no! i need to get dressed, give me an hour." >_< "i have so much stuff to do i have to clean house blah blah blah..."
"oh shes fine!"

i swear, this is why grandma and i dont get along. she values material things over actual lives. im so raging mad right now i better calm down before i say something mean to her. if it was me who was throwing up and couldnt move i bet shed be the same way "let me get my makeup on!" >=(

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Shabu Dog


i hate that old bat! *cries*

my dog doesnt live with me, she lives with my grandma cuz i live in an apartment and cant have her there. when my grandmas not taking care of her, my uncle is or my dad. i do what i can but, if my dogs not there to be taken care of theres not much i can do..but now that my dogs back in town i decided to get all her vet checkups done, but then this morning dad calls me saying grandma said jesse was basically in a life or death situation with the way she was acting, so i panicked and called the vet and brought her in.

Grandma went with me, the dog seemed fine, basically everything she told my dad ended up being untrue. she made me look like a complete idiot in front of the vet.

vet - is this the dog that was lying on her side and throwing up?
grandma - what? i never said that. she never threw up. shes just been acting listless. >_< SHE TOLD MY DAD JESSE WAS HAVING SERIOUS DIAHRRHEA AND DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS!! so..i felt like a complete moron.

on the way to the vet, she nagged at me about how much its going to cost.
IN the vets office, she loudly talked about cost and made it seem like the vets are here to swindle us out of hard earned dollars for a mangey animal that can take care of herself.
when the vet started talking to me about heartworm medication, grandma scoffed and said that it was stupid and its just another "add on" to the bill. first of all, the vet ASKED ME if i wanted to give her heartworm meds today, i said no..so i had an option of refusing, and the meds are very helpful, but i couldnt afford them just today. grandma wouldnt know a heart worm if it bit her on the ass. i think she thinks its a made up disease.

grandma was VERY rude to the vet, i was so embarrassed i just wanted to die. here i am, going to a brand new vet that my friend works for and im trying to make a good impression and grandma sits there and treats them all like crooks?! she doesnt even know what they were talking about half the time, so i had to listen carefully and make sure they knew /i/ was in charge of the dog and her medical treatments cuz i actually know the difference between distemper and rabies.

more nagging about cost...

so $40 later, the dog was fine. im glad shes okay, but this gave grandma more reason to nag at me.

me- dont nag at me. YOURE the one who called dad and acted like it was an emergency and that she needed to see the vet. shes probably just depressed. *cuz she has to live with you!*
grandma - i never said it was life threatening i just said she was acting funny.

on top of that, i owe grandma 30 bucks for my dogs food. now what i dont get is...on my graduation day she hands me a check for 50 bucks, then says "you owe me 30." wtf? just make the check out for $20 and keep the rest. I DONT FUCKING CARE! it saves me one step.

so we get in the car and im on the phone with dad saying the dog DESPERATELY needs to get her teeth cleaned but before they do that they need to make sure her kidneys are in working order because she /is/ 8 years old and we dont want her dying while under anesthesia. grandma nags about the cost saying "she doesnt need all that blood work blah blah blah" and the cleaning alone is $170 but dad said we needed to get it done anyways. the longer you wait the more expensive its going to be and they wont work on her without the bloodwork for fear of her dying from some unknown allergy or kidney problem.

my grandma doesnt care about life. she cares about material things. if i didnt know any better id say my grandpa's cause of death was having to endure 56 years of her stupid banter.

so we fought. she said i was a little brat and she didnt want to speak to me anymore. me. a brat. cuz i told her to stop bugging me about cost cuz SHES not even paying for it, dad and i are. so SHUT UP! she tells me to go to hell. i said "ill see you there grandma, ill see you there."

little twit!

im so upset right now. im so angry im actually crying...

i think what upset me most was when grandma started mentioning how i had no right to say shes a nag because she took care of my dog for 2 years. was i in a place where /i/ could take the dog? no! if i could i would be more than happy to take the dog, i love her, unlike grandma who finds her to be an annoying little hairball.

its not my fault my parents got a divorce and i had to live in an apartment cuz thats all we could afford. *SOB!* STUPID WHORE! i miss grandpa. he wouldnt allow her to bring this stuff up making it seem like its my fault. i just want my dog back! why does she have to bring up such painful memories? *cries*
I put a call in to dad and told him what was going on...he said it wasnt right of her to say that. she nags for no reason. its not her money were spending..she has no right. its not right of her to bring up issues and make it seem like its my fault my parents got divorced and shes stuck with the dog. I DIDNT WANT IT TO HAPPEN! SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU OLD BAG!

i think im going to go crawl in bed now....i just wish i had my dog to snuggle up to. *cries*
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LJ Auctions

ok, im going to try and see if this will work or not...

whats going on: im holding an auction through LJ instead of furbid. why? well...i dont know why. i just thought it would be a fun chance for people who actually like getting to know me to grab some cheap art from me at lower-than-auction prices =)

heres the first pic up for grabs

medium: mechanical pencil on printer paper
starting bid: $13 USD

how do you bid?: reply to this post. to outbid someone, respond to THEIR bidding post and so forth. when there have been no more bids for a long period of time..like..half a day or so...ill do the whole "going once, going twice" thing to make sure people know biddings going to end soon *yeah im making this up as i go.*

i think it sounds fun. =D so, whos up?
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Open Canvas will be the death of yerf artists

Bastek taught me how to use Open Canvas and we had a little too much fun with it =)

Bastek + Thorn = stupid fun =)
BEWARE!!!!! *gasp* oh my, my spirit stick has fallen!

then we did a pretty one...i kinda like how this one turned out

thanks Bastek! that was fun! =D
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more quotes

Bob Hope: a sense of humor is good for you. Have you ever seen a laughing hyena with heartburn?


Tavis: Whats a 'taur?
Nicole: You know, like a centaur, an animal with four legs and 2 arms
Tavis: ohhhhhh a 2X4!


Jaime *after me not answering IM's for awhile*:nicole is dead. her dead pelts strewn about her room have come back as reanimated furry toothy things and consumed her as a being starting with her wee pinky toe.


Nicole *in response to Jaime's last quote*: the faceless coyotes are haunting me and bleeding on my sheets. i told them to get out or theyll have to pay for my dry cleaning bill


Nicole: I have the sneezes.
Jaime: wheres the sock? *the one i use to wipe my nose when theres no tissues available*
Nicole: Theres no sock to be found! oh wait, a tissue, or a tennis ball..hrmm..
Jaime: tennis ball
Nicole: fuzzy snot!
Jaime: 360 degrees of snot. now be bad and go throw it at someone.

thats all for tonight. im sure there will be more =)
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