June 19th, 2003

Shabu Dog

*sigh* people never learn

OMG YOO STOLE FROM GOLDIE! ahem..actually i just think this is a REALLY bad rip off..

on another note,and the real reason for this entry, mom gave me 25 bucks to go to Aaron Brothers Art Mart to buy her friend a gift certificate. thats so cruel, to give an artist money to go into the realm of "eternal happiness...okay..eternal art supplies at least" and not buy anyting for her arty farty self? lucky for me i have a bit of extra moolah >=) what to buy what to buy? i loaned my white ink to James, but she is still working on a project and i dont need it right now...maybe it will come to me when i actually get there, *swoon!*

god its like sending a child into a marshmallow factory, something is GOING to get eaten. =P *chews on pencils*

now to get ready to go out to sushi! wish i had a reason to bring my sake glass, its so cute! *waggle waggle waggle*

i had a dream of sushi last night. i was so strange, but i could taste it all, and for some reason i DIDNT want unagi (eel), but i ate all the maguro (tuna), which i love almost as much but still...i usually cant have one without the other.

okay, im starting to drool..shower time!
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Shabu Dog

scuze me, can i have another fish please?

amy took me out to sushi today for a belated birthday present and jaime came along too =) we went to onami, the all you can eat sushi place at the mall, and its funny cuz they base the kids prices on height. i just missed the "child price" curve by 5 inches.

all you can eat sushi has a different quality to it so ive noticed. its like...the shit fish. the salmon was really good, so was the shrimp, but the tuna looked like it had been crystallized and frozen at one point, then thawed and served on rice. we considered asking for a fresher fish =)
it was still good though, and more desserts than you can shake a stick at *shakes stick...*

we also hung out at the mall for a few and guess what i found to add to my "Thorn wants to have this" list? HERMIT CRABS!!! ive forgotten how cool they are! i wanna get some, but i dont wanna pay 34 bucks for a starter set. i just wanna buy one crab and a little container, not a whole freaking fleet of them with all the frilly extras *apparently they eat cheese, peanut butter adn cheerios aside from fancy hermit crab food*. does anyone have any leftover containers theyre willing to donate the hermit crab cause? i feel that the hermit crab represents my first step into college life. pretty soon, i wont see the light of day, ever...ever...again...
but they were so cute!!!! walking all on my hand, while jaime made jokes saying "i just ate something that remotely looked like that. i was ripping of its legs saying 'youre tasty'." =P MEAN! but yeah crabs taste good...*blush*

i bought some vanilla/sugar lip balm from bath and body works, attacker of noses everywhere.

i then dropped off amy and jaime and went to aaron brothers to pick up that certificate. what did you buy you ask? *you know me too well* well, i bought myself a tube watercolor set, some brushes, and some white acrylic paint *i dont have the opportunity to steal from Snid's class anymore* now to figure out what to paint! *squee* ive always wanted to try tube paints. anyone got any tips or tricks for a newbie?

oh that reminds me, reaperfox are we still doing that art supplies trade? i have my oils all laid out and ready to go for you whenever youre ready.

i also took my poochie pup to the vet, got all her vaccines and her bloodwork done for monday's teeth cleaning. now shes all hopped up on rabies shots and hopefully she doesnt puke =P say, alex_to_you and eccentricweepel, when did you wanna take the pooches to the dog park? now that Jesse has her shots she can be allowed into the public again =)

so now im home, got NOTHING on moms list of "things for me to do today" done, mainly cuz ive been busy doing my other "responsible" stuff that needed to get done *okay, the gift certificate was her thing...so thats one thing on the list*

now i think ill chill online for a bit an then play with my tube paints a little =)
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Shabu Dog

*le sigh*

my scabs look like beef jerky. *i scraped my elbows on the innertube at the lakehouse* im hungry. and depressed. not a good mix. *sigh* i think i might go to bed early tonight to avoid eating and thinking.
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