June 25th, 2003

Shabu Dog

stupid birds

i think xander and zoey have been fighting. zoey is usually the superbitch in any bird on bird situation but her feathers are falling out of her face and i think i just saw blood spots on her wings! =( the weird thing is i dont see them fighting, although i did spot xander pulling on zoeys tail last night, but that doesnt explain the lack of facial feathers.

*edit* i just saw her scratching her face on thebars of the cage. you think she has mites? idont know where she would have gotten them from shes been fine up until now and shes only been in contact with one other bird. i know nothing about birds. thats prolly why i gave them to june and the girls =P *not to mention they kept waking me up*
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Shabu Dog


i just got an e-mail that asked me what religion my bra is =P

but thats not the reason for the yay...i finally think i figured out something to draw! *wiggles*
and unfortunately its going to be the only thing i can work on cuz my computer and my commissions are packed away =P im going to be cleaning out the garage this week though so ill be back to it asap.
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Shabu Dog


the turtles are gone! they went to a neighbor down the street. Thank you Klandagi for your interest and sorry we werent able to make it out your way *huggles* ill let you know if we have any other odd animals..like..say..brine shrimp, to send your way ;) *pets the lobster!* hee hee!
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