June 27th, 2003

Shabu Dog


well, im about 3/4 finished with a new art piece thats most likely going to be solely an auction deal since im trying to de-clutter a bit. (hopefully someone will be interested in it though). still dont have my computer hooked up, but that should happen tomorrow or sunday and then i can get some things done! *whew*

im going to Liz's house today and am going to stay there through sunday so i can be in San Diego for work. i only have one work shirt available. yay for stinking it up! *hates feeling stinky*

i feel like im going to throw up. i dont know why. =(
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    the trash man outside who woke me up
Shabu Dog


Today is my 16 month anniversary with my snuggly!!! *huggles her snuggly* i love you wuff!

*waggle waggle waggle*
he sent me a cutesy pic with his picture phone =)
i think im going to squee myself to death.

love you babe!
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