July 2nd, 2003

Shabu Dog


everyones going to AnthroCon except me!!

my Kinko's guy saw Westly's and Kaffe's badges and hes like "going to a con?" and that just made me feel all grumbly inside =P

*stomp stomp stomp*

at least i get to go to warped tour and see Mest and see my wuffy boy and *hopefully* go on some nice dates..sushi anyone? *sigh*
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    weed whacker outside =P
Shabu Dog

im not amused

Sam, at work, asked me if i wanted to try out his new torch lighter. so i said, sure...i grabbed it, "lit" it...

...the lighter was a fake. no..more than that, it was a joybuzzer.

i did not get much joy from it =P
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Shabu Dog


okay. i think its blatantly obvious that Al Bundy is gay. what middle aged man doesnt want sex? *baffled*

on another note im really happy because Timothy Albee from Yerf wants to trade an original sketch of Thorn for this picture that i did http://www.yerf.com/thornwolf/wolfsketch.jpg

he liked it that much! and hes a really great artist so..yay! makes me feel all good inside =)

Thorny likey da arty
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