July 8th, 2003

Shabu Dog

im sorry

i killed a spider with a briefcase. but now i feel bad cuz i killed him just cuz he was a spider and he was creepy. =(

my tummy hurts again.
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Shabu Dog


its only 10:38 and already theres only 2 yerf apps i havent reviewed. *waggle*
not only that, but i managed to balance my checkbook and view my account balance online AND do laundry.

now for some breakfast. screw cereal, i think ill have a burger. MEAT!

*edit* stupid backdate thingy. whenever i update at grandmas house it says the date is wrong, now everythings going backwards! yargh
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Shabu Dog


i have 6 works in progress i still need to finish. oh torture!

and i have this odd urge to go to new jersey. id never think id be saying that either. *no offense to the garden state* yay for fen and mas and redbank! speaking of which, i think its about time for me to make some new LJ icons *evil grin* =) and yes the two are related.

eep! gotta run some errands before i trek off to elsinore again!

oh yeah, and "headbanger" was added to the dictionary. i find that quite amusing. =) *headbangs* rock on.
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Shabu Dog

amusing quotes and stuff..

*from TV*
-this party..is pointless
- *goth guy* everythings pointless. wanna go talk about it?


-*goth guy working at jack in the box* it sux being gothic in the summertime *sweat*


i gotta go job hunting today, but i have so many arty things i wanna do! *groan* i dont wanna get dressed i feel sick. *whine*
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Shabu Dog

this is kinda cool!

i have this ceramic arrowhead with a wolfhead on it, you know, one of those things you can paint yourself. does anyone want it for 5 bucks? im trying to de-clutter and i dont see myself painting this anytime soon *especially cuz i have no acrylics or anything*
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Shabu Dog


did you ever stop and think for one minute that maybe im not copying someone, but THEYRE copying ME?

oh yeah, and im not "friends" with people. im NICE to people. theres a big difference. if i let you into my life and tell you my secrets, then yeah, i suppose were friends, but if you just harass me online every now and again and i give you one word answers, chances are im just being nice. i dont have it in me to be a mega-super-bitch to people no matter HOW much they deserve it. its just...not...me. and i refuse to stoop to that level.

also, i dont think people should be giving me shit just because of who im nice to. IM A NICE PERSON!!! and since when was being nice a crime? "omg, youre nice to so and so, you must be best friends, i cant talk to you now."

shut up.

i dont care if this ruins whatever "rep" i have. im a nice person, and thats all that matters. i dont need the ill feelings just because im doing what i feel is right.
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Shabu Dog

im pathetic

made myself some new LJ icons *points* youll be seeing them around.

may have an opportunity to go see Duran Duran with Diadexxus depending on "when" it is and "if" i can afford it...*crosses fingers* knowing my luck it will cut into the time im going to be in NY so i wouldnt be able to go. ah well. poo.
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Shabu Dog


i got to talk to Snow on the phone for the first time in.....oh god..how long? weee! we definitely have to talk to tav. He sounds interested in a chat =)

Ippy rocks my world. forgot to mention she said i made her happy the other night. *hugs ImmortalPain* her artwork is awesome and im just now discovering it!

Status on...stuff:


Fenris - im not sure im going to post it until its completely done and you already have it *ie, after i get back from NY* but i do have the final concept sketch i used if you wanna see that

Kaffe - just recieved payment, not started


StarFinder - done *that one starry eyed pic i hope counted...the other one is still in progress but i may or may not finish it depending on whats going on*

Klandagi - not started, but i have an idea =D


Swandog: holding until payment recieved *you need my info?*

MirrorEyes: ditto, and till after you move

and i submitted a beanie for the YNA beanie game, hopefully it gets accepted =) *grin*
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