September 2nd, 2003

Shabu Dog


is it me or did Forest of Dreams Die? *surfs around*

sok though. so did my forum to be. i think i might make it into a Kevin Smith fan forum...that interests me more anyways and theres already shitload of art forums.
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Shabu Dog this idea from yoru

made an acrostic of my name with song titles. =)

T "The cat with two heads" - Aquabats
H "Hungry like the wolf" - Duran Duran
O "Only The Lonely" - Roy Orbison
R "Run Around" - Blues Traveler
N "Not The Same" - Ben Folds Five
W "We are the champions" - Queen
O "One Headlight" - The Wallflowers
L "Leaders and Followers" - Bad Religion
F "Fahrenheit" - Five Iron Frenzy
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Shabu Dog

well that was kinda cool

watching "close encounters of the third kind" and i realized that they made a blatant reference to this movie in an episode of Rocko's Modern Life. its when Filbert has to go to Kerplopagos Island to become an adult and Rocko and Heffer have a big tall birthday cake for him, and Filbert flips out and carves the cake into the shape of the island. It parallels the scene where Richard Dreyfuss molds the dirt and leaves into the shape of the mountain in his livingroom.

i love finding stuff like this...i am pleased =)
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