September 7th, 2003

Shabu Dog


i find it interesting that we live in the county right next to Orange County...and Joy and April are obsessed with that new show "the OC" which is set in said county. *swoon's at the thought of possibly living there someday*

by the way, im horribly addicted to this online comic:

its not for everyone..but i like it. not drawn very well, but its well written and worth reading if you like dead stuff. would make a good movie IMO.

im on paragraph 2 of my five page paper. yay for progress!

and i love tavis *mrr*

and a big thanks tiff for listening to me.
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Shabu Dog

a little reminder for those who may doubt...

theres not one single day that goes by without me wanting to scream from the rooftops that i love my mate with all my heart. i hope he knows that.

theres not a day that goes by where i feel that i am unloved, because i am. very much so, by both my parents and the rest of my family *even grandpa who can't be here for me anymore, i know he loves me* and i am grateful for it.

theres not a day where i feel that i never had any advantages. i consider myself very lucky and happy to have known whats its like to live in america, be intelligent, have had the opportunity to go to school, and always have a roof over my head.

id like to thank God, my friends, my family, my love, and my adopted family *which everyone in the aforementioned categories are part of anyways* for making me so happy. i love you guys. *hugs and kisses*

~Yours forever, Nicole
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