September 9th, 2003

Shabu Dog

school shooting

Of course, by now youve probably heard about the shooting at Taft High School in LA County. i looked up the situation in the news and online. drive by. what on earth would possess someone to do something like that?

pray for those kids folks, theyre going to need it =*(

god i hate people sometimes....
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reference-ish goodness

i havent seen an indiana jones movie in..oh..lets see...FOREVER.

The Last Crusade has always been my favorite though *i like sean connery, what can i say?* and i was really thrilled to see that there was a connection between Last Crusade and Kevin Smith's "Dogma"

the original...Indiana Jones:
scene: blimp
action: Indiana "disposes" of an adversary by tossing him out of a blimp *i believe..cant remember very well*. the passengers look stunned and Indy reassures them... " ticket..."

the reference...Dogma:
scene: train
action: Silent Bob "disposes" of an adversary and throws him off the train. The passengers look stunned and Bob reassures them " ticket..." =)

MAN i love finding this stuff!

i mean yeah kevin smith movies are nothing but references, but the key is knowing what theyre from, and this one just surprised me!

oh..and of course theres that ever so subtle Hulk reference Ben Affleck makes before killing the cop. but its been done...

oh? what is this? *clicks* OMG! Dogma is on! what a coincidence! ...this has been happening to me a lot lately...freaky... 0_o
Shabu Dog


Silent Bob reminds me of my Tavy Wav and now i miss him ...*snuggy snuggy kissy kissy!!*

can someone, preferably someone who has seen Dogma more than one time, answer this question? :

why is it that although the muses have met god, they refer to God as a HER, while the voice of god refers to him as a HIM and gets a little aggravated that they refer to God as female after the woods scene with Bethany crying right before they go see cardinal Glick, though at the end of the movie, God is played by Alannis Morisette??? that always confused me. are they trying to represent that God is niether male nor female? even so, why wouldnt they just say that, and why would Metatron get so indignant about calling her female even though thats how she ended up appearing? *if you dont count the NJ bum*

just a thought....Timber im lookin' at you...any thoughts?
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Shabu Dog

oh yeah!

forgot to mention, as i was peer editing outside with a group of students in my english class, a family of 4 raccoons walked about 2 yards from us. ive never seen the way a raccoon walks before..its really interesting, and it was cool to see them up close! =D they werent even afraid of us!

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the many jobs of Thorn

during the course of my life i have wanted to be the following *in no particular order*:

a ballerina
a doctor
a paleontologist
a ballerina doctor who took care of dinosaurs *can you tell what age i was?*
a vet
a CHP officer *daddy was a cop, why cant i be one too? oh...yeah..cuz im too short and im a girl*
a border patrol officer *need a degree first*
forensic scientist
homicide detective *that was shut down eventually for reasons i dont want to explain here..*
orca trainer *at least id treat them as best i could given the circumstances*
comic book artist
storyboard artist
graphic artist
art director
film director
wildlife photographer
something in advertising
childrens book author
the next dr. seuss
fine artist
something in business/sales

now..having said all those *and im sure i left some things out* you see "Animator for Disney" in there ANYWHERE? hrm? do you? dont.

so the next time you ask me *and i get this almost every single day of my life* "so, have you ever considered working for Disney?"

you will have your answer.

oh..and to answer the second most annoying question i get on a regular basis..."no. i didnt trace that." >_<

thank you for your time.
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