September 12th, 2003

Shabu Dog

Job Hunting

Me: i went job hunting today
Me: i killed one. going to mount it on my wall
Jaime: i caught a big old internship in a trap the other day
Jaime: but the PETA made me let it go and threw paint on me

went to the mall yesterday in search of a job. i tried almost everywhere that didnt involve folding clothes. it sucks though cuz everyone wont be hiring until the end of the month, or at least thats the story they gave me *sulk*

Hot Topic, yes i went there, said that was their story
Spencer's Gifts said the same thing
Lensecrafters, the lady was pretty squirrely and obviously didnt look like she wanted my business much less me asking her any questions.
there was this comic place i went in, some arab guy as soon as i walked in there clammed up and acted like iw asnt supposed to be shopping in there. then i asked him if he was hiring he goes NO! no no Not at this time!! then shoos me out the door. >=/

Disney store, well, i went in there to browse around, i found a Scar stuffed animal and bought him *yes im taking advantage of the DVD release promo items* and asked if they were hiring. the lady was very nice and was very impressed by my application for some reason. thats a "maybe". im kinda iffy though, cuz as Jaime pointed out, if someone asks me "have you ever considered working for Disney?" i can say.. "i do work for Disney." 0_o

Then there was this teeny tiny little place in the corner of the mall called John T's. its a little knick-knack *not nak nak you dorks* store and they have a lot of figurines, shirts, whatever, mostly wolf/dragon midieval related. i walked in and asked if they were hiring and they said they didnt have any applications *figures* but if i wanted to either wait an hour they were going to get some or i was free to snag one from someone else and turn it into them. so i said, okay..and i grabbed one from the T-Mobile guy, filled it out, and brought it back.

the manager goes "you little stinker! you stole an app?!" i said "sure, why not, it was either this or wait an hour" and he seemed pretty amused. we both mutually agreed that T-Mobile is the devil.

i talked with the manager and the front end clerk for about a half an hour. they were very nice and thought i was pretty damn funny. they said that they could use someone for the holidays and that theyll call my cell if they need me. heres to hoping!

i gotta go back to claimjumper and see if they checked on my application. doubt it, but well see, it would be really close to where im going to be living if i worked there. i may also go to a job fair at a local indian reservation casino.

wish me luck!
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Shabu Dog


im being forced to watch "Princess Bride". im not a girly girl, and dont like girly girl movies (unless its Emma). ive never seen it but i think i can tell where its going so far. *gag-ness*

i wanted to watch the Mummy but NOOOOOOOO =P majority rules.
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Shabu Dog

a horseman.....headless!!

You are the Dullahan!
Dullahans are headless. Although the dullahan has
no head upon its shoulders, he carries it with
him, either on the saddle-brow of his horse or
upraised in his right hand. The dullahan is
possessed of supernatural sight. By holding his
severed head aloft, he can see for vast
distances across the countryside, even on the
darkest night. Using this power, he can spy the
house of a dying person, no matter where it
lies. Those who watch from their windows to see
him pass are rewarded for their pains by having
a basin of blood thrown in their faces, or by
being struck blind in one eye. The dullahan is
usually mounted on a black steed, which
thunders through the night. He uses a human
spine as a whip. The horse sends out sparks and
flames from its nostrils as it charges forth.
In some parts of the country, such as County
Tyrone, the dullahan drives a black coach known
as the coach-a-bower (from the Irish coiste
bodhar, meaning 'deaf or silent coach'). This
is drawn by six black horses, and travels so
fast that the friction created by its movement
often sets on fire the bushes along the sides
of the road. All gates fly open to let rider
and coach through, no matter how firmly they
are locked, so no one is truly safe from the
attentions of this fairy.

Which Irish Fairy Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

didnt do jack squat today. no wait..thats not true, i argued with my uncle about bathing the dog so she looks presentable for my meeting about the room to rent tomorrow. i dont know why he has to be so difficult. i also called Elisha about the room. shes so nice! i think were going to get along just fine, especially since shes not going to be there most of the time. *likes to have some alone time* and dad and june are not even 20 minutes away so i can go see them whenever =D

Tavis called me and announced the death of john ritter andjohnny cash, although i had already foudn out about it via AOL news and other peoples LJ's. its really sad. im so upset that everyone keeps dying, its not fair. i am going to CRY the day that Tom Hanks or Steve Martin dies, but hopefully thats a LONG ways off. *likes to hang on to the classics*

what a trippy movie....havent decided if i like it yet
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my favorite holiday is going to be a waste

i have no idea what im going to do for halloween this year.
i dont even know what im going to be. i dont wanna be alone on halloween thats for sure. its my favorite holiday and i wanna have fun dammit! keep in mind though, im going to have school that week and i may have work so i cant leave town exactly. im just grateful i wont actually have school that DAY cuz school for me lasts until 11 PM

suggestions anyone?
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dont talk to me... im in shock

i just watched our bird Xander die. we had 2 parakeets, a blue male one and a green female one. the fan was on and the girls let the birds out, why? i dont know. it was an accident. Xander flew for the fan, broke his neck and hit the ground really hard and started shaking.

i sobbed like a little baby. ive never seen anything die before, i never wanted to. and though he may "just be a little bird" to everyone else, he was a living thing to me, and my favorite of the two birds. why couldnt it have been the girl, Zoey? i dont like her, never have even when i owned her.

god its so horrible! *sobs* why am i being such a wuss??!
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keeping busy

ive been drawing a bit to keep my mind off of things. finishing up Dante's character design sheet.
so far i have the main pose and the 3 headshots, i just need a character turnaround, a witty line and im done.

...yeah, i like it. *sighs* i have a headache, but probably not as big a one as Xander did *whimper*
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