September 13th, 2003

Shabu Dog

art-tastic, but changes will be made

Ive been working on Dante's character design sheet for the past day and a half and i originally drew Dante wearing this green/faded hawaiian shirt Tav has. Tav preferred that he be wearing the shirt i got him for christmas *so sweet!* so im going to change that aspect, but i thought, hey, i spent time on that shirt, might as well show you all what it looks like anyways so you can get an idea of his wardrobe =D

the sneak peek is behind the LJ-cut for the slow modems...*courteous grin*
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Shabu Dog


watching some funky animation plague_dog burned for me on a CD and i must say, this is some wierd, wild stuff. good, but strange. okay..VERY good but strange.

i have to go meet Elisha with the dog in an hour. not looking forward to facing my uncle picking up the dog for the last time. jerk.

Zoey keeps talking to herself. i dont think its sunk in that Xander is not coming back. stupid bird.

might not be on for the next couple days. camping out at moms and grandma's. should be interesting. im tired of being nomadic. i want a home dammit!
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