September 23rd, 2003

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I really like my Sunday art class. The teacher is nice and we can use any medium we want. Lauren Ridgeway is in my class, dont think she likes me for whatever reason. probably because she thinks i picked a fight with her at the chalk art festival, bah. whatever. drama drama drama. The teacher really liked my drawing. We just have a model and we draw her however we want, i even saw someone using clay! kind of makes me wonder what would happen if i put ears and a tail on her =D that would be kind of funny..
to make up the days i missed though i have to go to a museum *much like what we did in Snid's class over the summer* and write a one page report about it or something. Anyone want to go with me? i could really use the company.


Met Jaime in the small parkinglot hardly anyone knows about *for whatever reason* and walked to class. Not only was Reagan not there for some reason, but guess who was our model...yep..."70 year old sun damaged porn star with uneven breast implants" lady. *gag* i swear, that lady is so disgustingly muscular/skinny/wrinkled i totally lose concentration and can barely draw her. at one point i actually gagged cuz she was in a position where i could see the giant surgery scar down her spine and she had no buttcrack. >_< is it a bad thing when your model makes you wanna throw up? i feel awful =( Jaime couldnt draw her again either, so instead she made up a new characer, "Cheezer the Medic" and an air raid bunny....and a pic of me throwing up. => you gotta make me a barfing LJ icon James. lol!

On our break, Jaime bought me a drink, *which i picked was a really disgusting melon/redbull flavored thing from japan. ewwww! ill not do that again* We later went to the cafeteria and hung out while someone played really bad 80's guitar music on the juke box *yes we have a juke box*. i felt like i was in an episode of 90210 or at the "saved by the bell" prom =P eventually they played Bohemian Rhapsody and of course..everyone started singing along and some fat asian dork is like "BE QUIET!" damn. you know who was singing too => For my birthday *yeah..little late..but she just found one part of the present* Jaime got me those little growing sponge animals, the safari edition. we guessed which pill would be what animal and what color they would be..*yeah..were being all scientific about this * and were going to try it out wednesday. *excited!* Jaime also drew out a tutorial on "how to draw a kudu". its very useful. im going to follow the tutorial and see if i can draw one, then ill post the tutorial online for all to see and use.

went to math, took my test, im really nervous about how i did. whenever i think i did super-good it always turns out super-bad =(

Taylor pisses me off, he always likes to make me feel like crap whenever im in class and he acts like he doesnt know hes doing it. hes like "wheres the rest of your homework? i said "oh, i accidentally left it at home. the teacher says i can turn it in wednesday" he goes "WOW! you must have felt like SHIT when you realized that you had left it! OMG did you totally beat yourself up?" >=( shut the hell up prick. this is the same guy that goes "long distance relationship huh? how do you know hes not cheating on you? .....*pause*....i mean..not that he would or anything, but still. no sir. not for me thank you." *growl* i hate that guy. i just take it all in as comic fodder. so yeah..dont be mean to me or youll end up in an un-flattering place in my comic.

got out of math early after i finished the test, waited for jaime to get outo f her math class so we could go to mcdonalds. Mcdonalds has the weirdest music playing. they had a techno-dance version of "boys of summer" which was VERY bad i might add, but they played Howard Jones - Things can only get better *loves!* so that was good. (James, when i was finishing my dippin dots they played Queen. i swear to god that band is following me!"
We got fish sandwiches which are, in my opinion, one of mcdonald's better meals and made little diagrams of san marcos boulevard out of salt and pepper shakers, sugar, and Jaime's phone.
the service at that mcdonalds completely and utterly sucks. i go up to the counter and the girl is talking to her guy friends who work there and she has her back to me. they point at me like 'hey you got a customer" and keep telling her that. does she turn around? no =P she eventually turns around and i flash my atm card. she goes "is that an atm card?" i said "yes?" and she goes...."" and points to the atm machine on the corner wall. okay..just say so. so i do that whole deal, get my receipt and go back up to her. shes talking to those people again and still ignoring me. i make an intense gesture to hopefully get her attention and she still doesnt see me. so i just stand there and she turns around slowly and goes "ohhh.....hiiiiiiiii........yeah....sorry about that..."
i said "can i have a small chocolate dippin dots?" she goes "um. theres only one size." and i said "what size is that." and she goes "small." OOOOKAY! i dont know i thikn she was high or something. theo ther employees start laughing at her, my guess is shes not the sharpest tack in san marcos..but then again..its san marcos. what else can you expect? of course i was polite but i just had to get my frustrations out here. =P

god i want a fish sandwich really really bad *dies*

english was fun. i got there a whole hour early. i talked with the marines and we argued about what coast was better for beaches, east coast or west coast. this one marine had the nerve to argue that the east coast *ie: carolinas* had better waves. what is he on?!

got my paper back. marked up beyond compare. im kinda not happy about that. but whatever. i heard this lady was a tough grader >_<

now i have to write another paper tonight. "glee!"
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katarina42's game

yeah im going to list off some lyrics and you have to guess the artist and songtitle. sort of like an LJ version of "lyrically speaking".

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okay, this royally sucks

awhile ago Lakotawolf won my LJ mood icon auction for a set of 25. she paid and i sent the base one and asked her approval, she liked it so i finished a couple more, and kept sending them to ask her approval as i went. after awhile i noticed she wasnt responding at all. i checked her deadjournal, no updates. she had basically dropped off the face of the earth.
So, i put a post in artist_beware stating that in case theyre commissioned by her, make sure they keep contact. i decided to do a little futher investigating and found this.

isnt that lovely? she didnt respond to my e-mails, yet kept the icons and altered the fuck out of em, and stupidly i might add.

not only that, my good friend wyndgryphon's mate had commissioned Lakota to do a custom gryphon plush for Wynd's birthday. she took the $50 and once again, dropped off the face of the earth. no commission, no money, no response to e-mails. hell theyve even tried contacting her on AIM but she flat out ignores them.

as far as im concerned, Lakota is off my list.
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meatloaf is the best of all loafs

forgot to mention, mom made me dinner the other night. Salad, with cheese on it, mashed potatoes....with cheese on it...and meatloaf.....with cheese. can you tell she knows i LOOOOOVE cheese? i put it on almost everything =D

moms meatloaf is so tasty! she puts teeny chopped onions in it and cheese and bakes it with a layer of ketchup on top so it tastes like a gourmet version of a white castle burger. *drools* i love my mom =) shes a good cook when she tries! =D
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counting down the days

well its official. this sunday i am moving out of June's appartment to my very own room in a house down the road. im really nervous. this is going to be my first time living on my own and while im having lots of help from my parents, its going to be a way to wean me off dependence and get to where i can safely move to NY by myself *at least, thats what mom is hoping this situation will do for me, im just happy ill have some space of my own for a change*

im kind of scared that it may be like an odd couple situation though. anyone who knows me knows im pretty laid back and have an "ill get to it later" kind of attitude about things, but my roomie, im still trying to figure out if shes super-organized/neat freak or if she just put up that kind of facade for the roommate interviews. i called her yesterday and she seemed pretty cool and *whatever* about everything, especially the dog. she wants her fiancee to like my dog cuz she wants me to be able to keep her there without any problems. thats awfully nice =)

anyhoo, i know some of you out there have had this experience before, so does anyone have any words of wisdom for me? please? anything? and yes, i know all about the "save your food in tinfoil so your roomie thinks its a leftover and wont touch it" thing. i practice similar actions here at june's house ;)
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Con Badges!

hey guess what everyone, only a couple more days left on my conbadge auction and thats going to be the last one im going to do for the year *most likely* depending on my schedule of course. so please make use of this time, because this is, like i said, going to be the last small time commission im going to be offering for awhile. after that its going to be ladder commissions, but those wont be offered until i finish my current pending commissions. *urges*

but as a special treat id like to announce that Mirror Eyes aka dragoncreator has her first conbadge auction up and you should all go check it out and give her something to feel confident about *ie: bid* =)
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