September 25th, 2003

Shabu Dog


my green tea looks like beer cuz im drinking it out of a beer mug. mmm...tea...*homer simpson drools*

oh and for the record, i dont dislike gryllus in the slightest. hell, she gave me a positive vote when i applied. i think its perfectly alright to disagree with someone, but didnt think it was worth it to PM her about it cuz thats just gonna waste her time. i just handled it badly as all. sorry gryllus, hope theres no hard feelings. i never intended people to get that bothered...not to mention i thought it was a stupid post that would be overlooked anyways *jeeze, people actually read my entries? =P *

got back from meeting up with my housemate Elisha. wee! shes REALLY nice! and Wes she says youre more than welcome to come over and stay. but we have to include her in something she gets kind of lonely *hence the whole reason shes renting out that room to me...she wants someone to be there when her fiancee isnt there*.i suggested we do dinner/movie parties or something, maybe she can help us butcher that chicken? *giggle* mmmm chicken.

okie, going to go talk to tiffalynx for a few before i call my wuffy boy.
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