September 26th, 2003

Shabu Dog

this is kind of funny *snicker*

this is part of a comment i got in my Devart gallery, made me laugh

"Your name reminds me of something silly my dog did a few years back involving a rosebush and some pissed off gardeners."

hee hee

*im still sad though*
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Shabu Dog

*sips her tea*

yeah. tea. im giving up soda for awhile. it has the same effect on the body as beer as far as "beer guts" go and i think it will be a cool experiment to see if theres any difference if i give it up for awhile. =)
Shabu Dog

oh yeah..i rock a culinary genius. i just made a hot dog sandwich with no hot dog.

bread + bologna + cheese + microwave +ketchup + mustard = mmmmmmmm =)
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Shabu Dog

what the....???

ok this sucks. i just saw a commercial for Barbies and apparently Barbie is a witch now. not your green "hee hee hee hee" witch with a wart but your "Charmed" type witch. yeah. her and her 2 friends like to cast spells together. oh and what fun, you can DRINK the potions they make! oo better hide your book of spells commercial girl, dont want that cute boy knowing you drank a LOVE potion!

i dont get it. why is witchcraft the "hip" thing to do? and not getting ranty with you wiccans out there, im talking about your regular old WB brand of "sorcery" that is way far fetched and stereotypical.
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