October 3rd, 2003

Shabu Dog

i think im dying

i think i have the stomach flu. i havent had the flu since i was really young and dont like to get the shots because im scared theyre going to actually GIVE me the flu.
ive been sleeping all day and only woke up for a couple of phonecalls, soup, and dad coming over to help rearrange my room *its all pretty now* =)
i talked to mom, Tavis, katarina42, dad, tiffalynx and kurawolf. that cheered me up a bit but i felt bad i was so snuffly/half asleep on the phone. I MISS TIFF! *whine*

god im so miserable. i wanna do artwork but i just cant bring myself to get up and do it. i feel so weak =( and i feel nauseated >_< i feel im letting my commissioners down but theyre just going to have to deal. ill e-mail them in a few. talked to one and he is very understanding.

The painter is outside painting the house, but why on earth did he have to bring his rat terrier, Mickey? i swear, Jesse considers that little mongrel a mortal enemy. shes never been a vicious dog, ive never seen her bare her teeth until yesterday when she slammed into the sliding glass door growling and clawing because Mickey was taunting her and prancing back and forth as if to say "nanner nanner im outside peeing all over your yard and theres nothing you can do about it". stupid mutt.

this is horrible. wheres my wuffy boy when i need him? *whine* i really could use a hug and a cuddle right now, and i think he needs one too. at least the dog curled up under the covers with me to help keep me warm. good Jesse. *sticks feet under her stomach* much better *curls up in a blanket* im lucky my dog sleeps more than i do so i dont have to worry about her annoying me too bad.\

my internet connection sucks. connected at 36000 bps? wtf?! i miss June's house >_< ah well. at least it will keep me off the net for the most part.

im not starting my job for another week or two. theyre having budget cuts and its not a good idea to bring on a new member until they get that settled. for now im a charity case. at least my conbadge auction went higher than expected. dragoncreator, howd yours go?
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Shabu Dog

meat meat meat meat

Arbey's has a "5 roast beef sandwiches for 5 bucks" deal. needless to say i pounced on that quickly and have been living off roast beef sandwiches for the last few days. meat doesnt come cheap, unless its from Arbey's.

also those Cambells "Soup At Hand" things are to die for. the "creamy tomato" ones are my absolute favorite.

i have absolutely no will do draw. not even my personal projects. kyoht's tutorial inspired me a bit but i have to get my commissions done first before i do that. i got ahold of the FC guy to give me a packet. he sent me as a PDF format and i said it didnt work for me. he said he would send me one via mail but..i havent gotten anything yet. wrote him back today. god i hate getting jerked around >_<

i really wanna win one of those Yerf Trading Posts, just so i can have Thorn or Niko drawn with all the elements they like ie: silent bob/clerks/tim burton/bad religion/alice in chains/chocolate donuts/ five iron frenzy. im kind of curious what everyone would come up with. but no..better and better artists are going in there and i A: wouldnt stand a chance and B: simply dont have the time to apply.

maybe ill just do something for furartxchange or something once i get the time. but for now..art.

ooh. i just got some inspiration. going to go utilize it now. goodbye-eye
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Shabu Dog


Holy blasphemy Batman! my "Were Jesus" pic on Deviant Art has already gotten 31 favorites since ive been away! 0_o

it seems people would rather see crappy art + humor than pretty okay art + my idea of beauty.

whatever. you guys are so fickle sometimes ;) but i love ya anyways.
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Shabu Dog


actually the title has nothing to do with anything other than the fact im watching Clerks....again...for the billionth time =)

why is it that the minute i feel like using real media i cant find my bristol??! RARRRARARARRRR!!!! *stomp*

where is wuffy? i want to talk to him and the dog is annoying me by sniffing at the door
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