October 4th, 2003

Shabu Dog

blah day

Jason is planning a kegger/bbq for all his mechanic buddies. Elisha didnt want him to have a party before the house was done *its half painted =P * but he figured he deserved a party. i think he does too, but the logical thing to do was wait until the house was painted. ah well whatever.

met mom today at Pat and Oscars *ew. why does she ALWAYS pick the restaurants i hate most even when i tell her so. she took me *and Tavis* to Mimi's cafe a billion times after i told her he and i didnt like it. =P * she had her friend Lori with her. i like Lori. shes very nice. shes one of those "Long Island Jew" types *and is one* and always has something blunt yet funny to say about everything. yet today i didnt like the way my mom acted around her. my mom is normally very sweet and positive but today she was ranting along with Lori about children being too loud, newscasters being annoying and my roommates being "weird". i got offended of course and said mom was having an opinion of them based on the fact that Jason was planning on having a bbq with mechanics and beer. she apologized, but still, she didnt act like my mom today.

took them to the house, showed them around. they approved! =) mom brought over some of my halloween things, like my pumpkin candle holder, my pumpkin box, my spiced apple cider mix *mmm! its delicious! im drinking some now..nice hot drink*. she even bought me some lotion called "halloween" and it actually has the vague scent of the holiday! i think they should have another one called "autumn" that smells like burnt stuff and leaves to go along with it. then ill have my whole autumn fix. *its my FAVORITE season..mmm*

she also brought me my package from kyoht that got here about a week ago. it has the coyote pup sketch and the pencil drawing she did of me. im happy now =)

mom wants to use some elements from my edward scissorhands costume to make her own eddy costume. i dunno..that costume was a work of art and will be hard to replicate in less than a month's time. i spent all of september and october on that thing with Remy and we were finishing the last bit up last minute...

i should really post pictures. that costume rocked.

anyhoo..gonna go drink my cider now.
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Shabu Dog


im starting to get very impatient with people. i hate being jerked around and i try to maintain a tight ship around here and apologize profusely when i am late sending something but i always send it NO MATTER WHAT.

i sent out DC's catdragon
the beanie babies
the furbid auction winnings

i have yet to send out the hush puppy beanie because i just moved in, JUST found a bank, cashed that money order a couple days ago and still need to get a large enough envelope. *apologies*

but what i am not pleased with is people not paying me 3 weeks after winning an auction. lemme just say that if i dont receive that money by the end of next week drastic measures are going to be taken. im not going to be dicked around with any longer.
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