October 5th, 2003

Shabu Dog


apparently my dog Jesse found a pile of barf from yesterday's party and ate it. my dog is disgusting =P

Elisha got sick but that wasnt her puking in my bathroom. it was Paige, Jasons sister. shes actually pretty nice. she asked me if i wanted Starbucks this morning and then we got to talking about art. how the two are related? i have no idea.

Amusing conversation:

bloodwolf53: I'm going to convert jess
NicoleSD: to what. not eating barf?
NicoleSD: OH! your girlfriend thingy
bloodwolf53: *blinks and rolls his eyes* my jess
bloodwolf53: hehe
NicoleSD: convert her to what
bloodwolf53: to a kevin smith fan
bloodwolf53: well fully convert her
bloodwolf53: shes seen one movie and liked it
NicoleSD: yes..yes we will. Redbank is our Mecca and we shall bow to it hourly

on another note, deviantart is being a pain in the ass and is in "read only" mode while they do maintenance so i cant upload my figure drawings to show all you weirdos who like naked people. rar.
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