October 6th, 2003

Shabu Dog

"MY PENIS IS SMALL!" says the guy with the big truck

today was good. hung out with Reagan in art today while we waited for Jaime to show up. Mr. "i carry a pink barbie backpack and wear a tutu" was our model for the day. to put it bluntly, hes a very eccentric/flamboyant nude model. for his street clothes he was wearing mary janes, dark green overalls and a red and white striped shirt and has fiery red hair. he looked like a Chucky doll doing a Waldo impression.
not to mention, and believe me i DO hate to mention but i will anyways, his manhood kept twitching/changing sizes during the last pose and i got rather uneasy and just stopped drawing altogether. i dont like drawing men as much as i like drawing women. women are more curvey and have those natural swirls i love drawing so much, while men are rather..well..boxy and..ew. that was almost as bad as mr. "pigs in a blanket" dude who kept batting his around to position it right. *gag* you will notice that i will have bizarre nicknames for my nude models. you will learn to love it. (btw, tiffalynx, i saw "Mr. OhGeeze" today twice! i was gonna say hi but he was on his cellphone. =P )

my sunday art class kicked much ass and we drew a female model *thank god* but she was one of those who preferred to go au naturale when it came to body hair. it wouldnt have been so bad if her hair wasnt so long and whispy like a spiderweb, but despite all that i managed to make this drawing and this drawing. for some reason i draw better in that class than i do in the class i have with Reagan and Jaime, but Jaime has the same problem *ponders* wonder whats up with that?

my uterus decided to explode today so on my break from math i had to go to health services and get a maxi pad. I must have been a boy in a past life because i never remember to be prepared for these types of things. every month its like "woah! thats kind of weird...what do i do now?" and of course cell phones having the perfect timing that they do, tav called me when i was in the bathroom, so i had a pleasant chat with him outside for a bit *Telling him to hang on for a few minutes while i left the health office of course, didnt want people thinking i was talking to myself in the bathroom, shades of the movie "All Of Me".*

bought some bristol and artists tape from the student store because i ran out and the nearest aaron brothers is miles away, but surprisingly the student store has aaron brothers prices *not sure if thats good or not..will have to compare* and was very pleased in my find. i cant wait to try it out on the project im working on with dragoncreator. BTW, DC, i did this little doodle for you in the car while i was waiting for my english class. Not much, but its sort of a "thank you" =) ugh god, i NEED to learn how to draw servals =P

I have a horrible addiction to those fish filet sandwiches at Mcdonald's. evil, i know, but i think theyre pretty damn tasty, especially when you dont feel like "cancer burgers" or "pigeon mc'nuggets". i should really stop eating them though before i get mercury poisoning. i swear to god their buns are made out of Soylent Yellow. theyve got a funny color to them =P

came home tonight to find the dog outside barking and whining. apparently she had been digging in the backyard at the vomit leftover from the party, got ants all over her and elisha had to hose her off *she powerwashed her with the spray nozzel..lovely*. a couple of days ago it was her being all muddy! *groans* so i had to give her a bath tonight. i dont have any other shampoo other than the freesia scented VO5 june got me as a farewell present so now my dog reeks of a perfumy flower sent and shes licking at herself cuz she cant figure out where the smell is coming from. *sigh* why wont she stop being disgusting for 2 seconds?! *loves her dog anyways*

tomorrow is going to be spent mailing stuff, buying a pooper scooper to pick up the cesspool outside *sans the vomit, ill leave that to elisha and jason since it was their party* and doing some commissions/trades and HOPEFULLY some concept art for my personal projects.

yeah right, how much you wanna bet i sleep till noon and watch tv all day? =>
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Shabu Dog

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wtf? lol!
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