October 8th, 2003

Shabu Dog

Its that time of year again..

Yep! National Portfolio Day is coming up quickly! I would ask Tiff to go but shes already at an art school, so Jaime are you free? Maybe you can get some questions answered.

I desperately want to go simply due to the fact that i prefer talking to people in person rather than on the phone, and Pratt will most definitely be there. Maybe this year ill be brave enough to talk to Art Center? Doubt it..

So far i have some rather nice figure drawings i can add to the pile. No new storyboards sadly, but i do have a couple things on my computer i can print out, ie: some comic stuff no ones here has seen before etc. I also have that new piece im working on, "Bacchus". I just hope i finish it in time. Its going to be for a portfolio im working on with dragoncreator we probably wont be finished with it for QUITE some time *as in..dont hold your breath* but i figured id go ahead and get a head start while i was inpsired. This pic i'm doing using "el tutorial de kyoht" and its at that "looks like ass" stage where it has the potential to look either really bad or really not so bad. i think what ill do is just keep layering colored pencil and watercolors and then have an excuse to finally use my acrylic inks for touch ups and details. I have confidence though =)DC, i may e-mail you some progress pics to get your input. youre better at coloring than me.

ew..my toothpaste tastes like uncooked mushrooms *gag*

anyhoo, i have a lot of confidence in myself this portfolio day. all i have to do is figure out the "when" and the "where". If they liked my portfolio LAST year, wait till they check out what i have in store for them THIS year =D
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Shabu Dog


i really love my mate and im happy that he puts up with me despite my corny humor =D

Well, it looks like i have some buddies for National Portfolio Day. Sunday im picking up plague_dog on my way to pick up eccentricweepel and well head down, then theres the hope of possibly meeting bastek there because its such a small world and apparently shes trekking from Utah to go there? "you are weird".

i checked the schedule and in case anyone else is interested in such a thing, heres the dates and places of all the up and coming National Portfolio Days: Collapse )

There was a presentation from CCAC today in art class. i was happy for tiffalynx that they are, in fact, a VERY good school for interior design. not my cup of tea, but then again, im an illustration major. the rest of class time was spent drawing...but on the long break, Reagan, Jaime and i went to the Pavillion Cafe where i bought some Pocky *chocolate covered biscuit sticks..an asian favorite =D * and an orange juice which tasted slightly firmented. Reagan's gay/jewish friend Tom came over and we talked about how much Johnen Vasquez clones suck. Also, Jaime would not look like a dyke if she cut her hair short. James, with that head of hair, i bet you could get a good chunk of change for the ammount of hair you have to sell =P

my art teacher likes to draw all over my paper and make the wrong corrections. he has some valid points, but he completely redraws my drawing..i mean COMPLETELY, and i find quite a few flaws in his corrections that are glaringly obvious. *sigh* his actual paintings are pretty decent, i just wish he would apply that talent to critique.

Speaking of critiques, i didnt have an essay to critique in english so i corrected another persons, Jennifer who sits next to me. we agree that the teacher has a really stupid way of correcting. sure shes a hardass and thats expected, but her corrections are often a little TOO harsh. apparently a 2 line sentence is a "fragment" to her. also, my essay was "too wordy". were the sentences not short enough? im sorry. ill make them 3 words long next time.*growls*... she also tells everyone that their work is "elementary" and never gives anyone above a 12/15 points on an essay. apparently "A" papers are nonexistant. *sighs*
i growled in english aloud when we discussed this. i felt embarrassed but the other students were like "my thoughts exactly" i should really watch myself though =P

i really need a wuffy boy hug.

i dont wanna do my commissions! RAR!

btw, quicksilver i finally got your payment and ill get that laminated asap =) thanks a bunchies!
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