October 12th, 2003

Shabu Dog

Portfolio Day

Portfolio Day turned out to be a minature fur meet 0_o

I was late picking up Reagan/Sulaco/plague_dog at the gas station, but we were early picking up Jaime/eccentricweepel and she was still getting dressed when we got to her house. Tomo, her shiba inu, greeted us at the door. love that dog =)
We were going to stop at Starbucks but decided not to, and of course as per usual i GOT LOST on my way to the Horton Plaza mall. anyone who rides with me knows that i must get lost AT LEAST once when going on an outing. sooner or later we made it to the horton plaza and walked into the US Grant Hotel.
Holy crap! this portfolio day was way bigger than last time! I called bastek to find her..and i dont know how she did it but she spotted me from across the room and waved. i dont know how she knew who i was, do i look that much like the photos of me? ew =P i LOVE Bastek =D shes so sweet! she drew me some kickass pictures which i will be making into LJ icons *im probably going to have an all Bastek-themed LJ icon thing going* and she got me some sage and a crystally thing and a shitload of feathers *i can fly away with them..ca-caw ca-caw!" and a spiff-tastic dream catcher! smells like sage, so i put it in my car =D i gave her a pic of geyadahi and a drawing i made for her in efforts to cheer her up awhile back but never got to post *shame*

Bastek, how on earth did you draw me in what i was wearing before you saw me? gray tanktops are kewlies yo =D you rock!

so i got my portfolio reviewed by Laguna. i always start off at their booth first because they know me and i feel more confident there. its like a second home =P or third..or fourth..not sure. they gave me a 5, but thats because i got this one guy who actually reviews well. unfortunately, Jaime's reviewer refused to even look at her stuff any further and told her that it wasnt going anywhere and that it was a waste of his time. WTF?! he didnt even LOOK at her good stuff. he looked at the stuff where she was slacking off in class drawing "cheezer the medic wedge of cheese" and pictures of me barfing. =P what a moron. so yeah that wasnt a good way to start out..but she got some better reviews luckily.

we lost Reagan through most of the portfolio day, but on my way to find Bastek again, who should show up but shoomlah 0_o talk about your coincidences. =D nice to meet ya Shoomy!
its quite interesting to meet people that you know of online and to actually place a face with them and see some of the stuff they dont upload. yes..we filtered through each others portfolios, very nice stuff =D Kept bumping into Shoomy for the rest of the day =>

Got reviewed by tiffalynx's school, CCA. oh my god...Tiff, your school has some real morons doing reviews. the one chick who reviewed me saw my scratchboards, held them upside down and ever which way and asked "whats that?!" wtf? an art reviewer doesnt know a scratchboard when she sees it...can we say "special?" she liked my Muttropolis characters, but wanted to see them in an actual strip. i may do a few short ones to fill up my portfolio, you know, my classing "one pagers". Jaime got a very very nice review from that school though, so at least one of us talked to someone intelligent.

here comes one of the complete and utter disappointments: Pratt, the one college i want to go to really really super bad, didnt show up >=/ they were supposed to be there but the rep never came for some reason. maybe they were sick or got stranded in Arizona or something *growls* i was NOT pleased.

Then the other disappointment: Bastek's dad had some weird urge to drive back to Utah suddenly and wouldnt let her go to lunch with me, jaime or reagan. she didnt even get to meet reagan..im really sorry Bastek =( *hugs* but well definitely have to arrange a time when you can hang out. after all your sister lives in La Mesa, make an excuse to see her mebbe? =)

Waited for Reagan to talk to some Rhode Island school while the guy told him to draw himself as a woman *wtf?* and Jaime and i wrote a song dedicated to the furry community and stupid fanboy/fangirls. that was fun =D

this all girl college..Moores something or other in PA had this gruff New Yorker man *yes a man* representing it and he told me and jaime the exact opposite of what everyone else said when it comes to our portfolios. apparently:
-New York = bad
-Cropping your images in an interesting way is out of date and not a good idea
-Finished work is a MUST and gesture drawing is not needed

wtf? no. i dont think so. im going to ignore that review because that completely goes against everything else ive heard =P

Jaime, Reagan and I then put our portfolios back in my car *after searching for it for a half an hour* and got Mongolian BBQ at Great Khan's at the mall =D *mmmm* i love mongolian bbq.
there was a crazy homeless lady putting lipstick all over the palms of her hands and her face and hitting herself with a pink belt while her medication/gum packets were strewn across the table. talk about weird.

Got lost on the way home and had an argument about Jaime over sunglasses and ended up in Hillcrest *local gay community* which guided us to the freeway with their magical rainbows of happiness. according to Reagan, when giving directions in Hillcrest you dont say "go straight" you say "go gay-ly forward." =>

Took Jaime home, had a few laughs about the day and proceeded to drive Reagan to his "out in the middle of nowhere" home in Pala, the indian reservation. VERY secluded, but i like it cuz you can actually see the stars!

got to meet his dad *please tell him i say it was VERY nice meeting him* and his dogs, and got humped by one while the other sniffed my crotch *yay* =P and visited with his neighbors a bit before i drove home.

saw a dead coyote on the way home..that was sad. but now im home. im disappointed i didnt get to talk to pratt, which was one of the main reasons i went in the first place, but all in all id say it was a very good day. i left out a lot of the funny details simply because i cant remember them all, but im sure Jaime and Reagan will and might write about them

onward to do homework!
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