October 30th, 2003

Shabu Dog



of course, the day i decide to straighten my hair is the day it rains. i should try that again next time we have a billion fires =)

Elisha did my hair. its brown. Dark brown. Its a good color but i think she cut too much off and i dont like the way it looks curly anymore. Looks like Michael Jackson *ew*. its amazing what an inch and a half of hair can do as far as "weighing the curl dow" goes, even if that hair was damaged and had split ends.

oh yeah and guess what..apparently Prince William is related to Vlad The Impaler (the guy most people think is the real life Dracula)


Funny. I could have sworn "Dracula" was written not about Vlad, but of the vampire craze that was going on around Europe at the time where the villagers would go out claiming numerous sightings and searching for vampires. Hrmm.
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Shabu Dog

I am an idiot

While I was gone I left my window open and now I have ash and soot in my room. Blast =P

But anyhoo, while I was gone I did some drawings in my new sketchbook. Theyre not too good, but I'm really enjoying the kind of sketchbook I got. Its a regular old Canson Sketch with perforated edges but it takes pencil and pen really nicely =D

Random horned god with really bad antler anatomy
Silent Bob yet again, which was also the very first drawing in my sketchbook
My Animation teacher's undertaker character
Some life drawings of Jesse. I swear she has eyes 0_o

Is it me or did it suddenly get much much colder in SoCal?
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