October 31st, 2003

Shabu Dog

Boogity boogity boo!!!


since i couldnt afford to dress up this year im going to wear my black trenchcoat, invite some friends over, Elisha's having some of hers over too, im going to raid the candy stash, rent some scary movies and enjoy myself out of the cold =)

EEEEEE i wish halloween happened more than once a year. its better than Christmas!!! *dies* and yeah as reaperfox said, words cannot express my love for the holiday..soo..Sel...im just going to have to say a big fat "ditto". =)

PS: for the past couple days my cell phone's ring sounds like the Dracula theme (tocatta and fugu). ooooo yeah. i think im going to keep it for awhile =)
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    tocatta and fugu BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!