November 5th, 2003

Shabu Dog


im not updating for any particular reason. meh.

westly and i were planning on having an autumn dinner party. We're not entirely solid on the menu but im going to have to do a little research =)should be fun though. I just have to figure out how im going to earn any money for it =P ah yes, my plans are once again thwarted by the almighty dollar. im almost done with one of the 2 conbadges i have to do, and then i still have to finish up Kaffe's commission which shouldnt take TOO long *knocks on wood*. Hrm. well this sucks.

Mom's birthday is on the 6th, but were going out Saturday. Dad said he'd help give me a little money so I can take her out to lunch or something. Mom has free passes to a movie so that will be nice. Speaking of movies, I need to find someone to go see Brother Bear with me =P

and nauta if MFF is on the 20th or so of November I'm pretty upset. I asked for at /least/ a month's time to do a badge but by the time your check gets here im goign to have about 2-3 weeks and with school, thats cutting it close considering i still have to get it laminated, and as Quicksilver knows for sure, the Kinko's around here likes to fuck with me.

thats it. no more deadline commissions. EVER.
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