November 29th, 2003

Shabu Dog

ART! and some other stuff

Started this before Thanksgiving, but here's some fan art for Goldie of her Kierrn character Bennet Its on Deviant Art and im not sure if its going to work or not. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. I know for a fact it loaded correctly because i got the confirmation notice at the end of the upload..but for some reason it says it doesnt exist. ugh. Is it Yerf worthy or is it too humanish?

On another note, theres a black and white cocker spaniel thats always walking around our neighborhood. I thought someone owned her but I'm not quite sure because tonight I saw her and she didnt have a collar on. I had left the door to the house open because I was looking for something in my car, but when I when I walked in the house, apparently the dog followed me in and refused to leave. I figured she might be hungry so I offered her some food and water, but she didn't want either, so I tried shooing her out the door. No such luck. She went into the kitchen and plopped down on the tile with every intent of staying the night. I would have let her to make sure she did, in fact, have a home to go back to in the morning, but it's not my house and if she was a stray, it wouldnt be wise of me to bring in a strange dog. Jesse isn't here thank god, otherwise she would have shit a brick. At Tavis' and Russ' suggestion, I lured the dog out with a trail of American cheese pieces and closed the door behind her. =P Swear to god, me and stray animals have some sort of magnetism.

for some reason my livejournal decided to screw up my entries so now theyre in december instead of november *groan* now i had to delete a bunch of em to fix the problem. *sigh*

*edit* fixed the link. its now on yerf rather than stupid DeviantArt. bleh!
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Shabu Dog

Please Help

Okay, so I've been vague the past couple of months about Tav's situation. Long story short, he got wrongfully fired from his job, the job he loved more than everything..*cept me of course*..and was basing his college major on and it's been very difficult for him to get back on his feet. We've already agreed on no Christmas presents this year, but as much as we hate to admit it, things are getting worse. His former employer keeps ruining his chances at finding another job by A: giving him a bad reference and B: taking away his unemployment benefits. I don't want to get into details really...not now at least..but..its come to this...

This explains his side of the story, but after reading it, I hope you all don't think less of him, or even me...this is why I've been so quiet about it, not to mention it's nothing he and I like to talk about since he's still pretty upset about it. *sulks*